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Hi Steemians,

The curation task for the Quality Control team reached its last week during the May session, which ran from May 20 to May 26, 2022. The work took place in harmony between all the members thanks to the experience and expertise that we acquired through the succession of sessions, which prompted us to submit a new request to ensure the progress of the mission curation in technology and finance for the next month, so we hope that our request will be accepted so that we can continue this rich experience.

This week, we saw a return in the number of upvoted articles, reaching the same rates as the first weeks, around 123 articles, due to users' understanding of the obligation to our #fintech tag alone and in its own section. The same number of articles, the reasons for which we detail each time, have been skipped in our notes, so we always invite you to read them in order to reduce this annoying number for us and for you. Also the articles containing plagiarisms were too few to reach only two articles, and we hope that they will not be present in the next weeks.

Without getting too long, we'll run through the most important numbers and curator observations, ending with the best articles of the week.


Number of curated, plagiarized and skipped articles per day:


Number of posts per Domain

per domain.PNG

Number of posts per Club Status

per status.PNG

Number of posts per Language

per language.PNG


The observations of our curators :

@irawandedy 1st-day

In the curation period of May 20, 2022, the number of verified content was 41 posts, but unfortunately 65.85% had to be missed for several reasons:
25 Posts are not relevant for curation due to content that does not describe the topic of Finance or Technology.
1 Post identified as plagiarism
1 Posts that have been curated more than 3x in the previous reporting period should be ignored.

Meanwhile, posts that received curation amounted to 34.15% of the total published content using the main hashtag #fintech and other tagging.

As for the content specifications given by curation when viewed from club status (Club5050: 5 posts, Club75: 6 posts and club100: 3 posts), the majority of 14 curated ones use English (10 posts) and Indonesian (4 posts).

The low number of posts that must be curated cannot be separated from the lack of relevant content and there are several accounts suspected of belonging to 1 person, for example the similarity of writing characters and to anticipate things that are not desirable, I have to ignore the content. Understanding of the writing method becomes an obstacle for users so that the opportunity for support that should be obtained through the SC05 Curation Team is simply missed.

No Club : For curation, I prioritize accounts that are members of clubs, and a curation scheme by giving a higher percentage of votes if the club status is in club100 or club75, but the quality of content remains an important point. I hope the curation method that I apply will trigger them to continuously improve their club status from time to time.


It's the engagement season and quite obvious, a lot of the users were busy making entries into different contests, that slightly affected the number of entries we receive under the Finance and Technology tags.

That being said, I saw many unfit articles that stuff our tag today and a few ones that lack quality, as such I skipped them. The number of the curated articles today was slightly more than the previous time likewise I skipped slightly more.

In addition, a user was caught in the act of direct copy and paste, from the Internet which is a very bad one, the entire article was copied from the source, it's a pathetic one and I had left a comment on the users' article. We hope users don't indulge in such acts of plagiarism again and also, we hope the quality increases in the coming weeks.

@kouba01 3rd-day

This week, 12 articles were voted on in varying proportions according to several criteria, the most important of which is the club to which the user belongs, as well as the value and quality of the displayed content.

Most of the articles were written in two languages ​​divided as follows 75% in English and 25% in Spanish. We also noticed an imbalance between the two areas (66% for finance and 33% for technology), due to users misunderstanding by flagging another tech theme that was skipped on the rest of the week after we made recommendations. On the other hand, there is a gap in the percentage of users belonging to Club 5050 66% Club 75 25% and Club 100 9%, so we invite most users to join Club 75 and 100 to get higher voting value.

In addition, 9 articles were discarded for a number of reasons, the most important being the low level of writing or the absence of club membership. We also noticed many articles that are part of the Challenge Contest, which are voted by SC02, so it is not possible to take advantage of two votes at the same time, same for merging more than one tag in the same article.

@shemul21 4th-day

Last week I got a very low number of posts. But, as usual, I received several posts this week. The authors are writing quality posts with our tag. Due to poor quality, irrelevance, and lack of a club, some posts were skipped. I've also left comments on their posts that aren't interested in the club event. This week, there were no plagiarized posts.

@nane15 5th-day

It's been a couple of weeks since I've had such a productive and lively curation day, the first season of challenges is over and we can see people posting other types of posts more regularly.

The quality of the publications has varied, there are still not too many posts out of the ordinary. But many of them manage to meet the minimum to receive a vote.

I skipped a total of 30 posts, 1 of them because I had already received 3 votes by the time it was my turn to curate, and 29 of them for poor content.

I think that from this moment people are going to adapt to the usual, probably until the challenges start again.

@pelon53 6th-day

This week I was able to find quality posts with the finance and business tags, but few posts with the science and technology tags. On the other hand, I found 10 users who do not comply with any club, which deprives them of a positive vote.

I also found 6 very short and low quality posts, it seems that they make posts just to receive a positive vote.

@chiabertrand 7th-day

During my Curation this week, there was an improvement in terms of content quality as compared to last week. As usual, I still had to skip a few articles because of several reasons which I will be explaining below

A few articles where content not related to my area of interest which is #Fintech, other articles were the ones which users are miss using the #club tag or don't belong to any #club

One article was good but too short (not up to 200 words) and it lacked an in-depth analysis, other skipped articles were articles for which the authors had already received support from SC05 account 3X in the past 7-days

My last skipped article was an article in which the user was not belonging to any #club, he was still very new to the system and he just returned after 7-months of break. I discovered he had powered down a long time ago despite being a newbie with a reputation of 46. I couldn't support this user because we don't know his intentions of returning to this platform. We hope this user commits himself to this platform by contributing to the growth of this platform, from there, we can begin to start supporting him

I came across one plagiarised content. Please we should understand that in Steemit, you only receive rewards for your original content produced from your brain. Copying someone else's work is always considered plagiarism which comes with a lot of consequences. So we should all endeavor not to be victims of plagiarism

I had to reward the MODs/Admins that reviewed articles on their community which where related to #Fintech. I distributed to them a little percentage vote as a sign of Motivation. Please I call on all MODs and Admins to always endeavor to check and review on articles published In their Communities, because this will help eased work for the curators

This time around, there was an increase in the number of articles most especially articles belonging to #Finance. I think it's probably because the engagement challenge season1 is over.


The 7 best articles selected

The article : Link
The author:@klen.civil
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by:@irawandedy


In the curation period Friday, May 20, 2022, I chose a post with the theme "Business Potential of Leubok Tuwe Village in Animal Husbandry and Goat Fattening With Profit of IDR 30.000.000, The determination of the Top Post is based on the type of informative and educative content, in my perspective, the content with the theme I mentioned above describes the promising business potential through the livestock sector as an effort to encourage the economic improvement of the local community and this is to encourage the strengthening of the state's financial foundation. The author describes the promising potential for business in the field of livestock in rural areas which are his fostered areas in the Ministry of Village Program in Indonesia.

The article : Link
The author:@alee75
Club status: #club100
Chosen by:@fredquantum


I have chosen this article based on the elaborate analysis of the author about the Foot and Mouth disease that is rampant in his community. He has highlighted the impact of this disease on livestock in the region and on different measures that have been put in place to eradicate/reduce the outbreak to the freedom of the cattle and consumers' purchase of healthy meats from the market.

Individuals have been encouraged to be part of the journey in the quest to eradicate the disease through their voluntary actions like sensitization, vaccination, media carriers, and so on, the author has been made himself available for either of those and as such contributing to the well-being of his region. The article deserves the top spot for the day.

The article : Link
The author:@pocoloco01
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by:@kouba01


An article in which the writer paves the way to get into his subject, where he forwarded a conversation with an elderly woman to show us how to market in the last few years and compare it to what we are doing now in this field, in taking advantage of the internet. He then delves into the interpretation of the domain and gives the example of marketing in the field of clothing delivery and several other domains. In effect, this grating has turned this field 180 degrees, becoming better and more distinct than it was before.


The article : Link
The author:@mrsokal
Club status: #club100
Chosen by: @Shemul21

This post is currently at the top of my curated posts list. The author shared an interesting business idea, which is the LED light business. He went over all of the business's details. He also calculated the cost in STEEM.
Anybody can start an LED light business after reading this article. A very good business idea from the author.

The article : Link
The author:@abialfatih
Club status: #club100
Chosen by:@nane15


This article tells us some reasons why gas tends to be sold above the price set by the government, it is a very interesting topic because it is a recurring case, through an interesting narrative the user lets us know many of his opinions, very correct in general. To be an article from a person who lives in a country other than mine, it seemed quite strange to me that I feel identified, this will happen to many and I think it adds a lot of value to the post.

The article : Link
The author:@jueco
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@pelon53


The author takes us to an ancient treasure, where he explains what the genesis block is and how this genesis block gave birth to the blockchain, starting with the genesis block of Bitcoin.

He also shows us the genesis block of the Ethereum network and finally he shows us the genesis block of the Steem network, starting this blockchain. A good explanation of the author, about the genesis block.

The article : Link
The author:@mato445
Club status: #club100
Chosen by:@chiabertrand


During curation this week, I came across this user's article which he discussed in detail the "Crypto.com NFT marketplace". In his explaination, he showed us how we can buy and sell NFTs in this marketplace, its various payment methods, and all its transaction fees. He went forward in telling us the pros and cons of this marketplace and gave us good reasons why should choose this marketplace.


Best Regards,
Our Curation Team

@kouba01 - #club100
@Shemul21 - #club100
@pelon53 - #club100
@fredquantum - #club75
@nane15 - #club75
@irawandedy - #club100
@chiabertrand- #club75





 6 months ago 

Thank you for another good report.

Hopefully the number and quality of posts in your subject areas will continue to increase.

 6 months ago 

Thank you, SC01 for appreciating our curation work. Hopefully, we would continue receiving quality articles under our tags as we strive to deliver more quality curation that tends towards perfection from now and in the future. Thank you once again. We #Steem-on.

Good job!

 6 months ago 

@steemcurator01,thank you very much, this is the most important goal our team is working towards.

I don't have any problem with the selected posts. They are top notch and all but I humbly implore the @steemcurator01 to just go through my account. If there happens to be a post he/she likes because I've worked hard this week and all I'm seeing is $0- $4 and I am a faithful Steemian who has always made sure to power up most of his earnings inorder to work myself to dolphin status

Thank you for your hardwork and support, congratulations to all the authors that are selected.

Thank you very much @kouba01 for this detailed report on the activities of your team, we appreciate.

Thank you also @pelon53 for recognizing my efforts, it means a lot 💙


Apparently half the chosen content have already been voted by 01. So I guess there wouldn't be more to vote. Congratulations to the winners

There are other post that deserve bests but due to the personality of the curator, he might not have seen the meaning of the article. For example, take a look at this post


It talks about the way human beings reason and act under various conditions and how it might impact their businesses. Please take a look at his article, it's a very meaningful one and I think it deserves best. Thanks

Thanks to all SC05 member for your attention and support to us, congratulation to all selected post

 6 months ago 

Thanks, @kouba01 for compiling the curation activities for the week under the theme "finance and technology" and also to the curators that performed the duties on individual days, thanks to everyone. And congratulations to all the winners for the week. #Steem-on.

Congratulations to the favored authors.

 6 months ago 

One again, thanks for the nice and detailed report sir @kouba01. We do appreciate your hard work and sacrifice in our team... We are getting better and better as days are passing by

Thank you @kouba01, nice report

 6 months ago 

Thanks for your appreciation...🙏

This is a well detailed report from you @kouba01, your team is doing very well, i hope you grant the privilege to continue

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