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The contest has come to an end, and I've been a bit late in announcing the winners because they were big entries that were very hard to decide. There were 10 successful entries all with good ideas, some were more creative than others but I'm glad they participated. All entries for this contest will receive or have already received support from booming.

What is this contest about?

...for this contest you must develop an innovative idea for a startup that solves a problem in society.


1Develop an innovative idea for problem solving people@hamzayousafzai
2Business activity : victoh trust innovative start up@victoh78
3L-stores your shopping faster and more efficient.@kleymer
4Contest - My Innovative start up to solve a major problem in my locality@solexybaba
5Business activity : "The Validator" innovative start up@ronindboss
6Contest - My Innovative to build an Online Textbook App.@divinemercy
7Contest - My Innovative Startup solving a problem including technology in mobility exercises for health💪@sportfit.shop
8Business Activity: "The Job Plug" Application@swaylee
9My innovative idea in solving one of major everyday problem in my locality.@weasell
10My Contest Entry: Developing An Innovative idea For Tech Start Up@chizzybahd


The following winners developed an idea that contains ideal characteristics to become a Startup. They are applications or products that will greatly help to make people's lives easier. For this contest, the creativity of the idea, development of the proposal and effectiveness in people were taken into account.

1st place🏆
Electric heater build around a body to conserve the heat so the material in the surrounding can be dried.
33 STEEM - @weasell
2nd place🏅
Develop an application where city businessmen and normal people can check prices and availability of a product in multiple stores at the same time.
24 STEEM - @kleymer
3rd place🏅
Digital device that determines the ability of people to use force on resistance ropes. (pressure, pulse, heart rate, patient effort)
18 STEEM - @sportfit.shop
4th place🏅
Mobile application that searches and determines if a product is in stock in registered pharmacies.
15 STEEM - @hamzayousafzai
5th place🏅
Application that contains electronic and audio books from schools for the benefit of students.
10 STEEM - @divinemercy

Congratulations to the winners and participants have done a good job. All participants will be rewarded with booming for their great effort.

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 2 years ago 

Congratulations for such extraordinary participation, ingenuity, optimism, and innovative ideas that highlight that they can be a reality with the correct financing and with the available means and work team, success for all of you.

 2 years ago 

What a thrill! Thank you very much for allowing us to participate in this incredible contest, congratulations to all the winners!

 2 years ago 

Congrats to all the Winners

 2 years ago 

each of our investors came up with really awesome ideas you guys showed great entries and articles, congratulations to the winners with your awards

Congratulations to the winners. Without a doubt, they contributed great ideas.

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to all winner 🏆

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to the winners ⭐

 2 years ago 

An amazing contest with a lot mind blowing entry. All thanks to the organizers for coming up with such a challenging and helpful topic. Looking forward to the next contest.

Congratulations to all the winner. I'm really happy to be part of the winners. Thank you for this opportunity.

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