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Welcome everyone to your business community, where each investor presents their business publications in different ways.

This publication is aimed at steemians creating business presentation publications, showing an appeal in everything that is the business world and its representation, through its content. His first publication in the community is his letter of introduction to the Steem Blockchain, where the amount is massive and they will be seen with great attention, because they are precisely business sectors, which must demonstrate their activity with the best possible impression, being not only in words but in deeds.

The introduction will give life to your new and first beginning on the platform, therefore, it is necessary to be clear, concise, and demonstrative not only in images but in writing, a powerful writing of what you have founded, are and maintain as an investor. , where the content must be extensive, eye-catching and captivating.

Your Business Presentation must contain

It is mandatory to follow the guidelines that are requested in this content.


Business name | Official Presentation to the Business Activity community | by: @user

Before introducing himself to the business community, the business owner must make his presentation to the NewComers community. After this indication, you can formally present yourself in this community.

If you are an old user in steemit, just make your presentation in the business community, for more information anchor your home presentation.

  • Put the following information at the bottom of all business account posts.

Business logo

Business name:Company
Owner's name:@user
Business address:City, State, Country.
About us:Link to presentation

Copy and paste the code and replace the text in the right column

|Business name:|Company|
|Owner's name:|@user|
|Business address:|City, State, Country.|
|About us:|Link to presentation|


Use: #businessactivity

Beginning as an investor.

Each business owner and/or entrepreneur must show:

  1. Who are?
  2. Business objective
  3. Vision
  4. Mission

For the companies.

As a company, being old or new, it must have a presentation logo, the brand of its image, that must show it, it may well explain its meaning.

For entrepreneurs.

If you have a logo as an entrepreneur, please show it, if you don't have one, let us know, in the middle of your writing.

For all

  • Each company or entrepreneur must write in depth the aforementioned, including location, time founded, making all their business activity known to all users in clear and extensive words.

  • Important, clarify that you now accept STEEM and SBD as a payment method, and you must specify it in your presentation.

  • Show your social media links if you have any. This will help the verification.

  • Your introduction must contain a minimum of 300 words, to enter as a minimum in the development of your business activity.

  • Used correct format, be unique in the way of showing your business on the Blockchain. Enter the following link to obtain HTML & Markdown codes, for a better presentation.

Please use the font size correctly, '#' for titles, do not use these labels for paragraphs as it distorts the information and does not display correctly on mobile devices or PC, please take into account.

  • Your verification and approval as an investor will depend on this; anchored for verification and corresponding label; You must join the discord channel, leave your message on the chat-general channel and / or locate the moderators.

What is not accepted?

  • Plagiarism.
  • Content from other platforms, which are not of their authorship.
  • When showing current content (date of joining the platform and community) that you have on other platforms or social media, add the link.
  • If you are a user with multiple businesses, you can only present one with your username, and you should create a new account with the business name.


Read each instruction carefully, if you have any doubts contact the Discord Server with the moderators, where they will kindly be helped with the current doubts.

An introduction is to clearly talk about the business, functions, performance, members involved, activities, and the entire start-up of the business in question.

Do not report briefly, extend the information the greater the better, the understanding of the activity you carry out must be explicit and concise.

We are now on Discord!

Join to Discord - Business Activity

Business Activity Team

@oscarcc89 - Founder 🔹
@cindycam - Editorial Staff 🔹
@gensequini - Team SBA 🔹
@rjlv190 - Team SBA 🔹

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 last year 

this is important information for newcomers especially so that they are verified because I think this is a very good idea each user should have a different business account if they have multiple businesses to make it easier for them to promote their products and the buyer feels comfortable in ordering every product he wants.

Greetings in arms from @riska-amanda

Good luck friends, good luck with your business, join us at @businessactivity

 11 months ago 

nice, will be dropping mine soon

Excelente publicación, no tenía idea de que existía está comunidad y por casualidad la conseguí. Soy emprendedora y me emociona poder presentar mi emprendimiento a todos ustedes dentro de esta comunidad!

 10 months ago 

Hello @minikay , we are glad that you are encouraged that your business is also part of steemit. Make your presentation, and join Discord:


If you have doubts, we are here to help you.

 last year 

Hello, I already joined the community, I was invited by @felyess, I will soon be uploading about my venture.

 last year 

This is valuable information for all users who wish to join the community.
As always, the @businessactivity team is doing a wonderful job

 last year 

Very good guide to orient new ones, thanks for sharing. @anadanielac please read this.

 last year 

valuable information for new members.

 last year 

Un buen instructivo para todos los que iniciamos en esta comunidad, gracias muy valioso.

Valuable information for new subscribers who want to publicize their company on the platform

 last year 


 last year 

Muchas gracias, muy buena explicación.

This is very good information to read. because this is a hint to promote your business on steemit media

This is very good information to read. because this is a hint to promote your business on steemit media

 last year 

Excellent information. I am sure that the people who are going to start in steemit will get in this publication a perfect guide to take their first steps.

Post muy detallado para las personas que desean comenzar en esta comunidad.

Detailed and accurate information for those who want to generate income.

 last year 

Dear @businessactivity and Business Activity Community

Please find below my Official Presentation to the Business Activity community.

I request you for verification and approval of my business in your community.


Did you join the discord channel

 last year 

I am not using Discord but I have downloaded it soon I will join it. Because I am not much familiar with Discord. Let me understand it first. I can share Telegram ID: print_skill if you required.

 last year 

That good information, it concerns us all to read this type of content. To nourish ourselves even more and not make mistakes. Thank you.

Dear @businessactivity and business activity community
Hear is the link to my offucial presentation
Requesting your verification @nova001

Valuable information for all those who make life within the community and those who are about to join.

 last year 

Excelente información, agradecido por haber compartido esto, nos sirve de guía para muchos @glass13 @mariangeltp

 last year 

Good guide for new members to the community

 last year 

Excelente guia para los nuevos ingresos, esta muy clara y precisa.

 8 months ago 

Very supportive guide, thank you. I will do just as you said.

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