The weekly report of Active Members from Venezuela in the @businessactivity community by representatives of the Venezuela Moderators is set at 10% to @businessactivity #club5050

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Different sectors that grow daily in the community, develop their activities and show us how they do it. For us it is gratifying to see the progress and momentum that they have had since they began.

We also thank everyone who shows the platform, thank you for being spokespersons with other people who do not yet belong to Steemit. For us it is very important to grow and more and more users are joining us, we are also happy about the receptivity in #Club5050, we hope to continue growing all in this chain.

During this week there were several active companies from Venezuela in the community, congratulations to all and thank you very much for being active:

Resumen Semanal [21-11 al 27-11]

@alannaycrist03 Asistiendo a Business Meetup - Lecheria (Venezuela)
@heidyps2Services to Order a Nutritional Snack for 10 Children
@sportfit.shopResistance bands the best on the market! 150 Lbs in a Set
@sportfit.shopTrain without problem with 40 Lbs latex bands - 100% quality guaranteed
@felyessReport of my last sales
@cactusgensStocking Our Nursery Thanks to Steemit Rewards
@cactusgens Delivering Orders for: JanninSpa Inauguration Decorations
@mvchacinGingerbread christmas cookies

Our work within the platform does not rest daily, we welcome all users who register on the platform and invite them to visit our community. We also invite potential users to join and showcase their business


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 3 years ago 

We will be reviewing your post. Contact me on Discord:

cindycam #3361

 3 years ago 

Sigamos trabajando en pro del crecimiento de nuestra comunidad saludos.

 3 years ago 

Each member does a great job as an investor, Venezuela has extraordinary entrepreneurs. Welcome to the new ones who want to join.

 3 years ago 

we are happy to see their business development in Venezuela thank you for your valuable report

Businesses and entrepreneurs who are betting on the progress and advancement of each of the content posted within the community.


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