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Each steemians has something to share and in the business community we encourage them to be part of it to be at the forefront, as well as approach the future, based on what steemit offers and what each member contributes.

Many steemians are close to starting a business, an enterprise and others already have one, in the same way there are many promoters in the business area, related to technology, with the desire to make a difference and make the shared content useful with utility and interest in progress.

It seeks to bring the consumer, the client, to a positive and large-scale change, with the means by which they join, to be part of what is the acceptance of payments through steemit, which gives more value.

It is a firm step to agree to be in steemit and of course in #BusinessActivity to give your best in sharing what you have always been looking for and in the best way, where, in addition, earning rewards is a great aspect to highlight and acquire it through sales and services, much more.

Some points to mention that you can share, being very broad and others in compliance with the vision of the Business community:

  • Finance.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Business.
  • Blockchain.
  • Crypto.
  • Investment.
  • Strategist Themes.
  • Business boost.
  • Among others related.

The community covers a lot and is here in steemit so that steemians from all over the world can have a contribution to the ecosystem and find the financial possibility for the future of each one.

Steemit and great bright minds who do their best to demonstrate the work, it may be in Marketing, momentum, feasibility and more that have a relationship and common interests for improvement.

Steemians, this is your moment. Would you have found a more suitable place? Be part of the change for yourself and for others in the process of participating in investment, in empowering yourself and helping mass empowerment.

Week #8 - Special invitations to:



Undertaking and making another business stand out through the brand is in itself able to make a difference and also makes it noticeable. The invitation is for you to join the community, if you have a business or are about to start a business. It was possible to observe the work in the Labelling Designs and that great talent in showing the brands, with phrases, also in unique designs. It is a good opportunity to be in the business community, with this project or any other at your disposal.



The invitation arises from the shared talent in the Pastry area, perhaps you are thinking of starting a business and this is a good opportunity for significant changes in finances. The pastry is something very good or any other business in mind, in addition to the Business Diary and related topics with businesses. In which we invite you to be a part.



The invitation for the steemians is in their work to be carried out in the area of agriculture, for their many knowledge and if they have a planting business, they can share in the community, in addition to the accepted related topics where they can be a guide of other members.



When a business is made known, it does not matter if it is small or large, the important thing is what is done in it and the reasons for its foundation, in this sense the invitation to the steemians to join is due to the business that it manages, where currently retails, but intends to expand to wholesale in Nigeria.



The invitation arises in the performance of activities and in that this can be a means as an entrepreneur. With the works in decoration, crafts that make a difference for each special occasion.

Activities that stand out

The shared images correspond to the various activities that the steemians carry out and in which we have studied and followed up, for the invitation to the community. Where we are sure empowerment will be greater.

Publication link
Publication link
Publication link
Publication link

Click to enlarge the images

An invitation to join the different topics that can be shared in the community, where the variety in the business world is wide due to the sectors and the performance of work in general. We want you to know how to work in the community, sharing momentum topics, business review, Marketing and more. The invitation is for you: @yancar , , Join now and find the positive side as an active member.

Every change for something good is necessary, and if you decide to join the business community, you will see it in every action taken.

The work in the community is from the invitation and in the development in the medium and long term so that it can be fully oriented.

Join and empower yourself!

By heeding this call you are contributing to your own financial future. The invitation is generated for change, in the entrepreneur, in the business man, in rising finances, in business improvement and more; An economic strengthening that gives us by itself is necessary to work on it. We invite you to the broad topics accepted in the community.

Links of interest where you can find more information about the community:

Of interest to the user: For your understanding, we let you know that you can have several businesses active in the community, but each one with a different account, because they do not belong to the same sector, and it is necessary to maintain them separately. A presentation is required in which he talks about the business to be managed with certain requirements, on the other hand for the promoters and in business review a presentation of interest regarding the community. This is the ideal time, if you are a businessman, entrepreneur, promoter, diversity and variety is in the information and in the way of presenting yourself. For you active member, you will be given support for your development in the community.

Do you want to be part of Steem Business Activity

Introduction to the community

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We will be proud and happy if invited investors are encouraged to work together and come to the community with beauty in every activity because at @businessactivity you can get everything.


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We hope that the aforementioned and more steemians want to join and find, like us, possibilities for professional growth. Greetings.

 last year 

Great review. Seriously the business activity community stands out in a unique and uncommon businesses that investors can be encouraged. Greetings 🙏.

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Our purpose in this publication is to encourage through the invitation that more steemians join due to the various topics and interests to be shared. Greetings.

Gracias por resta hermosa invitación Dios los bendiga grandemente amigos un abrazo✨🎊🥳 😘😘

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Hello, @yibril84 thank you for giving your support with your comment, we hope you can join the community.

For support support join Discord:



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Hello, thank you very much for your support, I will continue working towards and compliance with the standards. Greetings.

Muchas gracias por la invitación, estaremos aquí. Bendiciones.

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@yancar , It would be a pleasure for the community that may be in sharing about the different accepted topics.

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