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The #BusinessActivity community at the time it was founded has been part of the business boom, of the new entrepreneur, of the business that starts from scratch and that is on an unstoppable rise, likewise this same rise, this increase must be had by each of the that are part of steemit and the business community.

For our community, each of the sectors that begin to see how the steem Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are positioned is important and evidently show that by integrating into this world of the new era, they are moving towards a greater commitment to business and stability if you work for it.

Growth in Steemit

For any new user who joins steemit, it is necessary to serve as an example in what will be its subsequent development in what it decides to implement or implement, in this case we are particularly talking about business; Business sectors that cover different businesses to which sufficient attention is paid so that they are established and belong to a place where today, change is learned and how finances are managed, is taught to promote and grow inside and outside the Blockchain.

In the business community we never speak in the singular, we always speak in the plural. Why is this? To excel, to break down barriers, you work as a team and this is what we want to be understood, because in order to achieve community goals it is imperative that all those with membership carry out the work of growth and empowerment.

This will be possible from being committed to taking advantage of wanting to promote steemit and all those who are part, promoting strategies that allow it.

This is always in favor of favoring all the parties involved and interested in that Steemit is always at the top, in the same way each member will be doing the work, for this purpose their account as a user and their business productivity.

Standards to benefit our community

Each entrepreneur understands the need to invest more than consume, generating and obtaining a profitable benefit from this, but for this, they must be committed to a series of strategies that make sustainability a reality.

As announced this month of December 2021, the community will be supported by the Booming team and we appreciate being part of the project for community curation. For this reason, we want to emphasize that members assume the fulfillment of what we require in the community below.

  1. Comply with the Club5050 / 75/100.: As part of a work and progress as a team, each of the members must comply with it.

  2. Share business publications, on social networks and add the capture in the comments section of your publications.: This is to increase the visibility of steemit, the community and allow yourself as a company to make yourself known for your profit.

  3. Tag in each publication: #businessactivity #steemexclusive: The community has a follow-up to their work and these tags are essential. Additional tags are at the discretion of the investor and their business theme.

  4. Tags to participate in the club: # club5050 # club75 # club100: They should only be placed when you are part of the club, making Power Up with the stipulations of the rewards.

Additional information to verify that you are complying with the club, the verification tool is available for use:

Another tool available that allows you to track your own work regarding your Power Up:

We encourage our members to adhere to the general rules and those contemplated in this statement.

The request described includes an evaluation of the members and their publications, in which they will be monitored daily, checking their compliance to work hand in hand with the curatorship team for quality publications and the growth and empowerment program.

Do you want to join Steem Business Activity?

Please read the Introduction of our community:
Welcome to Steem Business Activity | General Rules

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 3 years ago 

We hope for our investors to stay active with their dedication in working for the realization of the company as expected. We urge every company for all sectors to better understand the community rules that have been set and join club5050 it is necessary to meet the support for publications.

we thank all business sectors who have determined that receiving benefits is very important for the growth of our community the team will also work wholeheartedly for the realization of people's dreams because we love our community @businessactivity.

greetings comrades ❤️❤️👍🙏

 3 years ago 

We will be working with you so that the deposit of the specifications are fulfilled.

Staying active with the club and the rules so that the community plan fulfills your dream.

Totally true in teams we grow working to strengthen the community and the platform in general, thank you for providing us with valuable information.

Active in Club5050, and with the commitment to continue growing with this great business community.

 3 years ago 

Happy for all the active members of the community, every day there are more entrepreneurs who join the community

 3 years ago 

It is an excellent start to the month with the purpose of growing. Together we can increase, and show other investors the community.

 3 years ago 

Always focused on teamwork giving the best for this community.

 3 years ago 

We will continue working as a team to grow and have an active community.

 3 years ago 

As members of the @businessactivity community, we must ensure its growth; because together is how we move forward for mutual benefit.
Thank you very much for the information.

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