Business Activity | 5 Outstanding Business [05/30/22] 💼

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The sample of businesses in the 5 Outstanding Business allows highlighting more than what investors already do with their businesses in the labor field, to provide quality services and new strategies that are made known, for this reason, we believe that the incentive to work should be recognized.

The businesses shown are in compliance and respecting the 5050 / 75 / 100 Clubs, regarding the beneficiary, correct formats and breakdown of information, in accordance with the requests and in an impact work on the ecosystem.

The Business Activities Dairy [27-5-2022] - Paying a visit to my mentor at frank again provision store by @gidsbrown
The Business Activities Diary 25.05.2022 - Buy Perfume And asandals At Luzi Parfum Store by @pecintabunga20
Shopping for business stock by @yuliadi
Business activity: A collaboration between fintech and banking sector the solution to Nigerians developmental problems by @victoh78

Thanks for the good work!

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 last year 

Congratulations to all our investors in the best category.

 last year 

We congratulate each one for their commitment and motivation, for their own strengthening and that of the members, with each publication, in services, help, strategies and more. Each one a well deserved position in this post..

 last year 

Wow, I am so happy seeing that my post was selected among the outstanding post of the week. thank you business activity.

 last year 

Their effort are beautiful. Congratulations to them. More strength.

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