I am back

in zzanlast year


Introducing the name @zzrhi73 lives in Aceh Utara Kec. West Baktiya. After being inactive for a long time on the @steemzzang, @cjsdns Platform and in running the Atomy Business, I am now active again, back with the @fam.steemzzang Community together we run an atomy business headquartered in Korea. Big hope sir. @cjsdns for all of us willing to work and run a business Atomy invite friends to promote goods and shopping for daily needs.

On April 28 I contacted @hhusaini by smartphone at 9:30 p.m., the conversation was not long via a smartphone then I wanted to meet @hhusaini at Simpang Rangkaya at Caffe Geureudong Kupi. At 23.00, I arrived in front of Caffee Geureudong Kupi. It was Sir. @hhusaini has been waiting for our arrival for a long time and soon shared experiences at Geureudong kupi.


Input from sir. @hhusaini whatever the activities and work, but this business that we have been running for a long time, please run it again, I also take seriously the conversation with Sir. @hhusaini that night.
Then I made the decision to shop again this month before May 8, 2021

Greetings from @zzrhi73:
Make: Sir. @steemzzang, sir. @cjsdns and sir. @jjy

Thank you so much for Atomy Members carrying out their daily activities



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