Asoka flower

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Good evening, Atomy members or on Paltform @steemzzang and @cjsdns wherever you are, hopefully you will always be healthy and on this occasion I made a post about the beauty of the Ashoka flower which I took at night

Flowers are always defined as beauty and fragrance, because most flowers have two things, namely

  • Has a beautiful moment to be seen and
  • It smells good when you smell it.



Ashoka flowers are very beautiful to look at because of their very red color with a sharp crown.

Ashoka flower is a type of ornamental flower found in many yards, but over time. Ashoka's flowers were getting harder and harder to come by.

As time went on, Ashoka's flowers got harder and harder to come by. Not because life is no longer easy nowadays, but because in more modern times, flower lovers have started to switch to other types of ornamental flowers that are considered more beautiful.

Greetings from @zzrhi73:
To: Sir @jjy and @steemzzam

Thank you so much for Atomy members who carry out their daily activities.



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