[CONTEST] Music and I #1 : Music that tells my story

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Many times, when hurt or emotionally down, music tends to be our only and closest companion tending to our wounds and soothing our crushed spirit. Little wonder years roll when some music is played. Yet much music reminds us of past memories, people, or events.

Which of that music can you remember? Can you sing them...? What can you say about the artist? Which musical instrument is used most in that music? Let’s bring back music to the blog…

This is what I am expecting you to share in this first contest, I will proceed to No.2 by next week if this first part goes well.

I hope this contest will help to revive great talents in music here in the blog because we would have a lot to do under music, in the future.

Instructions on how to enter the contest :

  • Share at least 3 music that touches you and why?

  • Content should be properly Source

  • Participants must meet the requirements of club5050 #club75 or club100

  • Post in the Steem for better life Community.

  • The title of your post should be ... Music and I #1 : Music that tells my story.

  • All entries should include the tag #music, a tag for your country for example #nigeria, #steemexclusive. These tags should all be in the first five tags.

  • Plagiarism is not accepted

  • Put your post link in the comments field below.

  • Resteem this post so that many other users see it

  • Invite your friends to join.

  • Avoid tag Spamming..., it will disqualify you.

Note: Please do not use the hashtag solarsteem25pc when you didn't set the beneficiary to the @smilenigeria account.


I will share 6 steem power among the best 3 participants. I will vote on good comments as well.

Content quality will play a major role in selecting the winners, do your very best to stand out.

The contest will run until 11.30 pm UTC on Monday 19th September 2022.

Success !!

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 7 months ago 

Thanks buddy...

 7 months ago 

Dear sir, to participate in the competition, do you have to sing in your own voice? Please make it clear.

 7 months ago 

Hello @bidyut01.., in this first contest...singing is optional, that means you may wish to sing it or not.

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amazing contest my entry on the way @ubongudofot

 6 months ago 

Very good

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