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Dear All...

Based on the results of eligibility verification and the decisions of Steem For BetterLife Community Admins and Moderators, today, July 14, 2022, we determine the 5 best posts published on the Steem For BetterLife homepage. Determination of the best posts refers to the guidelines submitted by steemitblog whose guidelines have been compiled with the theme "Steem For Better Life Community @booming Support Guidelines"

Steem For Better Life does not guarantee that the posts we have selected and published on the community account will receive support from the @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 as a steemit team, because we are not the curator of the Steemit Team.

The verification format currently used is as follows:

Plagiarism Free✅ or ❌
#steemexlusive✅ or ❌
Bot Free✅ or ❌
Verified User✅ or ❌
Support Charity/ Community✅ or ❌
Support #burnsteem25✅ or ❌
Voting CSI?
Periodmonth, date to month, date, year
Transfer to Vesting... STEEM
Cash Out
ResultStatus club

Determination of Club Status refers to the Web-based Application

Feedback/ Development notes

We only choose Top Posts from posts that meet the requirements, such as joining a club, free from plagiarism, not using bot services, Verified User and #steemexlusive

The requirements above will be reviewed according to the development of the Steem For Better Life community

Here are the five best posts club5050 or club75 or club100 chosen by the Steem For Better life Community Team
Account Name
Post Link
1.@mahyulmaulanaThe Diary Game : Kamis , 14 Juli 2022 - kegiatan dan aktivitas saya pada hari ini
2.@moerClub75 The Diary Game: Kamis 14 Juli 2022 - Menghabiskan Waktu Seharian Membersihkan Lingkungan di Sekitar Rumah dan Membantu Istri Memasak.
3.@rasel72Markdown Style Contest : One Day With Your Family-Take a walk with the family
4.@pandora2010#burnsteem25/. The Diary Game. Viendo grabar una publicidad y visitando a la prima de mi mamá. 11-07-2022.
5.@fajrulakmal99#BURNSTEEM25 Betterlife The Diary-Game - Penyembelihan Hewan Kurban Di Hari Raya

Thank you for supporting power-ups through club5050 and the World Smile Project by sharing 25% to 50% reward for @worldsmile account.

Hopefully with the selection of this post, more Steem For Better Life members will join club5050 or club75 or club100 and support the World Smile Project (WSP) program and improve the quality of posts, Thank you

Every post published in the Steem For Better Life will mostly be curated with the @steembeteerlife community account, to increase voting power we open up opportunities for steem account users to invest by delegating Steem Power to the @steembeteerlife account

Delegation link for @steembetterlife


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Best regard

Steem For BetterLife Community Team

 2 years ago 

How happy I am to be chosen by you in the Top 5

Best regards.
Many Blessings..🙏🏻

 2 years ago 

Terima kasih atas apresiasinya terhadap konten saya 😁dan selamat kepada para steemian yang terpilih 🎉

 2 years ago 

Selamat kepada teman-teman yang terpilih sebagai top posts 14 Juli 2022.
Terimakasih saya kepada bapak @irawandedy sebagai guru besar yang selalu mendukung saya di steemit

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