PromoSteem: Meeting Over Lunch || Powering Up, Planning for Olango Island Outreach Activities and Creating Original, Quality and Plagiarism-Free Contents

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Hello Steemit friends!!! Greetings to you all, especially to all the wonderful people in the PromoSteem Community! Magandang buhay! Greetings from my beautiful country, the Philippines! 🇵🇭

Today, I am very excited to share once again with everyone our beautiful plans with my co-teachers and Steemit friends @bisayakalog @fabio2614 @kyrie1234 @traderpaw @burgundy243! As usual, we had our hearty, full of fun and excitement discussion at our favorite carenderia (an eatery that serves home-cooked Filipino dishes) over lunch. All of these girls are the appetizer, the soup, the main course and the dessert to my meal! Talking with them always make my meal complete!


With the overwhelming support and appreciation that the Steemit community has given to us, it is truly one of our greatest goal to give back to the ecosystem that gave us a lot of opportunities and nurtured us. As someone who started my humble Steemit journey, truly, it has done so much for me---helping me out in expressing myself through writing and most importantly, sharing my blessings to others in any possible way that I could. It just feels so empowering and good inside to finally get noticed by the contents we create. My gratefulness to the Steemit team, our dear curators, the admins, MODs and to you all, my fellow Steemit bloggers for helping us grow everyday. Your appreciation and guidance really means so much.


First on the menu, we discussed about POWER UP. Powering up is one of the most important way how we could be of help to the Steemit Community. If people keep on withdrawing their SBDs converting it to fiat money or doing power downs, what will be left to the Steemit ecosystem? If it only gives and it doesn't get anything back from us? If we are always in the receiving end? We need to practice the balance of things, the Yin-Yang harmony; that is, if we really need to withdraw some of our SBDs to use for important activities, we shouldn't also forget to use some of these SBDs to buy steem to power up. Indeed, with great power comes with great responsiblity. Reputation should be directly proportional to your Steem Power. Now, aside from using SBD to buy steem and power up, our dear friend @traderpaw also discussed to us that we could also use our TRX to buy steem to power up. Unluckily, we were not able to download the PDF file containing the TRON private key, only the Steemit keys. She proposed that we should log in using our master key or create a new TRON account address with the private key secured.

Powering Up
Powering Up


My first TRX TRON account. Hoping that I could recover my private key.

Creating a new TRON account and securing the keys; but still looking forward to recover my first TRON key.

Next on the menu, is about our plan for next week on May 30, for our Olango Island community outreach activities. We planned that we are going to provide 50 pairs of slippers to children. It is evident during our visit last time, that many of these kids roam around without some protection of their feet. We also agreed that aside from the slippers, we are going to distribute simple snacks to these children like sandwiches and juices in tetra packs. Another is we are going to make a wish box, where these kids could drop their wishlists. Out from these wishes, we will make it a point to try our very best to make their wishes come true. And when we come back next time, one, two or who knows all of them will get their wishes coming true! I am personally very excited for this one! I have also mentioned to the group that we could also distribute new or used clothes like t-shirts, dress, skirts, anything that could be worn and used by these kids. In a way, I'd like to continue my DRESS FOR EVERY GIRL PROJECT but this time not only for the girls and not only dresses. We want to see the happy faces of these kids. Lastly, we are going back to 19-year old, Ruellan who is suffering from meningitis to give our simple help of 1,000 pesos cash and worth 500 pesos grocery items which would comprise of rice and other basic needs.

The things we discussed during the meeting


The kids in Olango

My DRESS FOR EVERY GIRL PROJECT where I give my students dress
Here's the link to my article:
Steem Women Club Community 'CHAIN OF GOODNESS EVENT' || DRESS FOR EVERY GIRL PROJECT: Giving of Dress to My Students


This is Ruellan, a 19-year old boy spending all his life lying in this woven bed.

And lastly, we discussed about how to write original, quality and plagiarism-free contents. We are very lucky to have @fabio2614 with us, she guided us about the do's and don'ts when contributing blogs. First and foremost, stick to being an ORIGINAL and never settle for being a second-rated copycat. You are more than that! And you should always believe in your skills, in your talent to tell your story; the power of your words are yours and yours alone. Always be respectful, if you should use pictures from the internet or from other people, ask for their consent and acknowledge them as your sources. There is nothing to be ashamed of, of recognizing others for their work which helped you made yours. And most importantly, always put your heart in everything you write. Always leave a piece of yourself in every content you create. Your integrity and uniqueness will always bring you far, but with your heart, love and sincerity, you will go farther.

Sharing my article on how to recycle old jeans to an outdoor hammock. Here's the link:
Recycling Old Denim Jeans to Outdoor Hammock

I am very excited for our teamwork once again with my fellow Steemit friends and co-teachers. I am just so glad and blessed to be working and enjoying with them in all our activities and simple talks. May God guide us and help us make all these plans successful.


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to sir @el-nailul and sir @nazarul for always supporting our cause. Your help to our team and to my fellow Filipinos is truly one of a kind. Your big hearts and generosity has indeed showed that kindness knows no race. And to sir steemcurator01, saying thank you is an understatement. You have always been our support since day 1. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much sir.

That's for now my dear friends. Thanks for visiting my blog. Let us all be rays of sunshine in each other's lives. Maraming salamat po 🇵🇭

Together we can make a difference.



 8 months ago 

please contact me on discord channel for little discussion regarding the activities, I would like to talk about steemsea and it progress in Philippine, my id is @el-nailul#3044

 8 months ago 

Hello sir @el-nailul sure sir I will communicate with you regarding our activities sir in discord. I will make my account in discord. Thank you so much for your great help sir.

Dear @rosevillariasa.. you are amazing! I hope that you can get your trx back from Tron wallet 🤦🏽‍♀️ I've lost mine many times before.. lucky that I don't have much in there..but you needs to retrieve it back, it's a lot. A friend helpede before but he's not anywhere to find now.

Your project with the kids is really cool, I wish I could send you something later, after I completed my contest in community. Best wishes...

I hope @macoolette and @nurseanne84 were here too

 8 months ago 

Wowww thank you so much my friend @cicisaja you are giving me hope about my old trx tron key. I hope I could retrieve it too! Thanks for appreciating my work my friend. I will keep doing in any way that I can to help my community, especially the kids and thriving families. Regards from the Philippines 🇵🇭

 8 months ago 

the beautiful family here.

 8 months ago 

Thank you sir @mcsamm greetings from the Philippines 🇵🇭

 8 months ago 

we love all of you, the Philippines is a part of our heart. All of you can have a discussion with @el-nailul on discord, hopefully you will get a good idea for the welfare of the Filipino people.

 8 months ago 

Thank you so much sir @nazarul for your support and appreciation. I have yet to make my account in discord so I can connect with sir el-nailul to talk about our plans for my fellow Filipinos.

 8 months ago 

you can make in the near future, invite all Filipino steemians to move on discord👍

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