Warning ⚠️ !! Sixteen hacked accounts have been found. Beware of them

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How is everyone? For your information, we all know that in this age of social media and in this age of globalization, there are many types of hacking in internet technology. It has been in our #steemit for a long time. So all of us should be very careful about this, never click anywhere without knowing and understanding, and should not share our personal information.

For a long time now, hackers have been trying to deceive the users through various comments. So far, the hackers have hacked the accounts of many Steemit users and collected all the dollars from their accounts. So for your information, if you have received any such message, do not click on that message in any way without knowing or understanding.

Of course, we don't want any of our hard-earned money to go to hackers and hack our account hackers to take control of them. So we all have to be very careful in these matters and save our passwords very accurately. Below I have shared a screenshot where hackers using a user account are commenting on various user posts. From now on, if you see such comments, you will warn yourself and also warn others.

I searched through many accounts and many communities and found a total of sixteen accounts that have already been hacked. And from them different types of hacking posts are being commented through different types of posts which is much more dangerous for all of us. I've tried to give you an idea of ​​the name of their ID here, and what kind of comments they might confuse you with. I hope you all refrain from this.

SL NOHacked accountsComments
05@ebeleComments Deleted
08@animal-shelterComments Deleted
09@whatisislamComments Deleted
11@estudiante13Comments Deleted
13@hive-166850Comments Deleted
16@raph29Comments Deleted

I think there are many more accounts besides these. If you have never received such tempting comments, it is written here that you will be given many kinds of gifts. You will always try to stay away from those comments and take necessary steps to ban the accounts.

Source @stephenkendal

Following are the posts from where you can get information about the promosteem community and follow the rules of the community.

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Stay Safe, Stay Happy


 last year 

Thanks for the information

 last year 

Beware of them.

 last year 

That's really good sir thank you for your guidance.

I am also guide members who loss his own account and i advise him to reset your all password and download new passwords of your account.

And i hope this trick was really helpful for him.
And thanks for sharing your helpful post.

 last year 

Thank you stay safe

 last year 

Yes sure ..👍

 last year 

such a horrible issue, we should be more careful about our keys! Great reminder bro.

 last year 

Thank you so much for fishing out those accounts

 last year 

What a great information !
A massive thank you for letting us know, my brother 💙

 last year 

Thank you bro and beware of them.

 last year 

With my pleasure, brother ☺️

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