The 5th Edition Of Bangladesh Radio Show Was A Huge Success || Show Hosted by @msharif || CLUB75

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Hello @promosteem team, it's my pleasure to bring you the report of Bangladesh just concluded 4th edition of our radio show.

A total of 6 people were present on the radio show. This is the 4th time it has been done so we have done this radio show in a very good way and successfully.

Below are the list of attendees :


1.@msharifBangladesh PromoterBangladesh

Topics Discussed all Speakers :

Every time I try to talk to my Bangladesh users about important issues with maximum support. The main purpose of my radio show is to encourage users to work properly on this platform. All I know is that all of it is being spent on them and if anyone knows anything, take it out of them. I think the next major of knowledge is the most important thing. If we keep in touch with each other, I think the quality of our work will increase and we will be able to add new users to this platform.

In addition to connecting new users to give users an accurate idea of ​​the platform, we've talked about more important issues in our fifth radio show. Where five users were present I expected more users to be present but they could not be present due to lack of time. I've tried to work with everyone I've met and tell them that no matter where you work, always try to work properly so as not to get involved in any kind of crime.

I also talked to them about hacking because the amount that we all see is increasing day by day. I told them that you must try not to enter the link provided by the comments of any kind of stranger. I also tried to tell them many more important things. Besides, they have talked to them about what kind of post they can make, their investment. Most of the people who are there have not been associated with this platform for a long time but they are very interested to do. I encouraged them.

Anyway hopefully soon we will be able to hold our next radio show where I will say that you who are Bengali must try to be present in the radio show. Because we talk about many important things in radio shows. If you are present then you will benefit a lot.

I gave them 1 steem to each user those who were present on yesterday's radio show. Below I am sharing the screenshot.


Finally, I would like to say to all Bangladeshi users that you must try to attend the next radio show. We will discuss important issues as well as try to arrange some entertainment. I would like to thank everyone and end up here like today.

Source @stephenkendal

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