The 4th Edition Of Bangladesh Radio Show Was A Huge Success || Show Hosted by @msharif || CLUB100

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Hello @promosteem team, it's my pleasure to bring you the report of Bangladesh just concluded 4th edition of our radio show.

A total of 6 people were present on the radio show. This is the 4th time it has been done so we have done this radio show in a very good way and successfully.

Below are the list of attendees :


1.@msharifBangladesh PromoterBangladesh

Topics Discussed all Speakers :

Radio is equally a collection of information. There were a total of six of us on the 4th radio shoq. Most of these users are associated with PromoSteem 📣 community and they work all the time to promote Steem. Earlier I told everyone that the most important thing we will discuss today is the project brought by the Steem team is the #club project. We basically talked about #CLUB project and Power up post quality, markdown etc.

At first I started my speech by greeting everyone who was present. I inform them everything about this project and encourage them to participate in this #CLUB project. I give them an idea of ​​the rules of this project and who will get support if they participate in this project. After telling them everything, I ask them if they have any other questions. Then I ask them if they can talk.

Then@radoan said something. He gives some advice to everyone about his steemit experience. He encourages every user in Bangladesh to work as much offline as possible to promote Steemit He shares many more experiences with everyone and urges everyone to act accordingly.

Also more people who present asked us different kinds of questions like post quality, markdown, support etc. then I try to give them correct answers to these questions and try to explain to them about the project and increase the power. After saying everything like this, we talked about other things and then we announced the end of our radio show with everyone's permission.

I gave them 1 steem to each user those who were present on yesterday's radio show. Below I am sharing the screenshot.


Finally, I would like to say to all Bangladeshi users that you must try to attend the next radio show. We will discuss important issues as well as try to arrange some entertainment. I would like to thank everyone and end up here like today.

Source @stephenkendal

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