WINNERS OF THE CONTEST: An Effective Way of Promoting Steemit Week 1

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Hello Steemians!
Greetings to you and how are you doing with your loved ones? Today, I am happy to announce the winners of the contest titled: "An Effective Way of Promoting Steemit Week 1." Indeed, I find it very interesting to read through your entry which I must say that your performance was superb, and I appreciate the time and effort you spent in publishing such an interesting post.

In the contest, a total of 4 users participated very well using the key hashtags: #josepha-wk1 and #steemexclusive, which are the main tags.

Names of users that participated and their contest link.

UsernameContest Link



1 user was disqualify for using AI to write his post, whereas the remaining 3 users that participated in the contest presented a very nice write-up and I had to read through each post over and over to select the top 3 winners. Below are the top 3 winners.




5 Steem power and Booming Support was set be given to the lucky winners.


Congratulations to all the selected winners. Special thanks to everyone that participated and read through each other participants entries. THANKS and Remain blessed. A new contest will be posted soonest, thank you.


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Best Regards

 last year 

Thank you Sir for choosing my post as one of the winners, I really appreciate 🤗.

 last year 

Thank you sir.

 last year 

Thank you sir for choosing my post. I won't relent on promoting steemit.

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