An Effective Way of Promoting Steemit Week 1"


Hello everyone in this great community of great minds I trust we're all doing well in good health and mind I'm @samuelebuka and I must confess that I'm so so excited to be in this community were I have learnt so much by reading through posts made in this community and I must commend @josepha for organizing this context and allowing us share our idea about the way of promoting steem that we deem effective for the betterment of this platform. I hope I will be able to highlight some key points that will take the steemit promotion program to the next level.

Question 1-Tell us about your Steemit promotion during the past week

This past week was one of the fruitful week in terms of promoting the steemit platform I was able to talk to few of my friends and two of them accepted to give it a try they are @suphreme and @ella-jacob I was able to convince them about the steemit platform and how well they will be able to benefit from this platform in terms of knowledge and also finance. However i was sad when they told me that they haven't been verified yet after writing their introductory post which is their achievement 1.

Question 2 -Do you find it difficult to promote Steemit? Tell us about your challenges.

The major challenges I face when promoting the steemit platforms are as follows

  1. Lack of awareness: One of the primary challenges is the lack of awareness about Steemit among potential users. Many people may not have heard of the platform or understand its benefits. As Promoters I think I need to invest time and effort in educating others about Steemit and its value.

  2. trust issues: In terms of crypto knowledge , some individuals may be skeptical or have trust issues. They may be cautious about participating in a platform like Steemit due to concerns about security, reliability, or potential scams.

  3. Competition with established platforms: Steemit faces competition from well-established social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms have a massive and well controlled user base and strong brand recognition, making it difficult for Steemit to attract new users. Trying to Convince people to switch from familiar platforms to Steemit can be a difficult task.

  4. Verification process: newcomers find it difficult to have their achievements verified on Steemit, which can be discouraging. If the verification process is not user-friendly or lacks clarity, it may lead to frustration and abandonment of the platform. Improving the verification process and providing clearer guidelines could help address this challenge. My friends that I introduced to this platform @ella-jacob and @suphreme have not been verified yet and are discouraged, wanting to leave this platform.


To overcome these challenges, effective marketing and promotion strategies, clear communication of Steemit's value, addressing user concerns, and fostering a supportive community can be helpful. In addition I also think that, continuously improving the user experience, simplifying processes, and providing resources for newcomers can make the platform more attractive and encourage growth.

Question 3-Which do you think is the most effective way of promoting Steemit: social media or physical interaction?

I think to physical interaction is more effective in terms of promoting the steemit platform, although each has it's advantage and disadvantages I still think the physical interaction will be more effective because one has to talk face to face with the intended person he or she wants to introduce to the system allowing the new comer ask questions and also answering them face to face gives the intended person a sign of comfort that he can run back to you when he or she faces challenges in the platform in the future, the physical interaction or promotion may be limiting in terms of how many people can be reached in a short while but I still think it's the best and most effective way of promoting the steemit platform, people don't usually trust many adverts made in social media promotions because of the high level of scams online.

Thank you very much for reading through my post I hope you find the highlighted points helpful, steem to the world. I will also like to invite my friends @v-brainner @solexybaba and @ella-jacob to this contest

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