"An Effective Way of Promoting Steemit Week 1" by @christnenye

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Once again I want to make an entry to the topic "an effective way of promoting steemit" organized by @josepha.


I utilize every opportunity to tell people about the platform, both online and offline. My promotional activities has been tedious so far, and I will write on it in this contest.

Tell us about your Steemit promotion during the past week.

This past week promotion was the interesting, I made sure to share with people about the wonderful work of this platform both online and offline. On my offline activity, I did my promotion in a barbing saloon close to my house where I do stay to charge my phone. I told the guy everything he needs to know about the platform though I was disappointed because he said he can't write.

IMG_20230613_194503_195.jpgthe barber and I

He told me he would have love to join but he doesn't know how to write which is a problem because this platform is based on write and earn. I had to take a picture of him and myself so as to show evidence here.

On the online part, I did a tweet of my posts on twitter and uploaded my flier on status. It's interesting to know that my promotional activities so far isn't bad.

[Tweet link]https://twitter.com/Christnenye/status/1667441981704884227?s=19

Do you find it difficult to promote Steemit? Tell us about your challenges.

Sometimes I do find promoting Steemit challenging because sometimes the persons I meet will always tell me they can't write and some doesn't want to join because of the market price of Steem token.

Another challenge is unverified newbie's account, my last recuitee @goody-bez account has been unverified till date. It gives me concern because the user is much ready to blog 24/7 but can't proceed due to unverified account.

Which do you think is the most effective way of promoting Steemit: social media or physical interaction

I prefer physical interaction because it gives me ample time to talk to the person one-on-one for proper and effective promotion.

Overall, my last week's promotional activities didn't go as planned because my target wasn't met due to the inability to write as I was told.

I invite @joymm, @akareen and @dorothy213 to participate in this contest


Thank you for sharing posts, improve the quality of your posts and stay original.

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Have a nice day !

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