"An Effective Way of Promoting Steemit Week 1".

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(Me on steem promotion)


I'm very happy to partake in this contest organized by @josepha on "An effective way of promoting steemit week 1" in this community.

Steemit is a nice platform that needs promotion for others to join. Unlike those illegal sites that has duped so many people, steemit is a platform that allows one earn through their wealth of knowledge.

I love this platform and i have been promoting it to friends and people around me. Not all persons have been able to join but am happy that some picked up interest.

Tell us about your Steemit promotion during the past week.

For the past week, i have been on steem promotion. I have been sensitizing my friends on the need to join steemit.

Days ago, i was able to help a colleague @successful234 who registered for steemit and did not know what step to take next.

I told her about steemit and she told me she registered already but don't know how to go about it. I helped her subscribe to communities and showed her ways to engage in steemit.

This morning, i was able to register a friend @melody01 to steemit. I have always been telling her about steemit and today, she told me she's interested and wants to register. I was happy about that and i registered her. She has been able to write her introduction post.

(The new member i registered today)

Do you find it difficult to promote Steemit? Tell us about your challenges.

I find it difficult sometimes. I can remember telling friends about it and they complain about being duped by many online platforms. Some even told me to withdraw my money first before they can join.

It's always hard convincing them that steemit is not what they think and it's a nice platform to partake in.

To some persons, their phone cannot access it.

Another issue i encounter is the fact that some people do tell me that they are not good in writing and will not be able to cope. They show lack of interest when i tell them it's about writing.

It takes enough energy to convince people about what we do in steemit and how legit it is and to also let them know that it is different from those illegal sites.

Which do you think is the most effective way of promoting Steemit: social media or physical interaction?

I believe both ways are effective. Social media is nice because it will get across to many people. You will not be limited to people you know alone but it spreads to everybody.

With this, i prefer social media promotion. When it's well explained, many people will develop interest and would want to join unlike physical interaction which will be limited to only few number of persons.

Also, physical interaction can be time consuming. Social media promotion saves time and meet with greater number of persons.

In terms of mentorship, you can create a group where anybody who is interested can join and those you helped to join can ask their questions on any area of confusion and get attended to.

Physical interaction takes a whole lot of time both in promotion and in mentorship.

Notwithstanding, the two methods are nice for promotion. Some persons might think it's a scam if they see it online but when you meet them physically, you will be able to convince them over it.


Despite all the challenges encountered in promoting steemit. I will still continie to promote it and i know with time even those that didn't show interest will pick up interest on it.

I invite @drhira @edidiongeffiong @alegnita


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