Contest "My $20 Purchase" - A prize is guaranteed for everyone!

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Hello! We're excited to announce a new "My $20 Purchase" contest.

In a world where goods and services are constantly becoming more expensive, money is depreciating. However, you need to eat and dress constantly. Let's talk about what $20 can buy. $20 is about one walk to the store. Or not? Maybe you have enough money for a whole week? What can you buy with this money in your city?

Prize fund:

1st place - 10 steem
2nd place - 7 steem
3rd place - 5 steem

Each participant who did not win a prize will receive 1 steem!



  • Write a post in the SteemFamily community of at least 150 words (plagiarism is prohibited)
  • Use at least one personal photo
  • Invite two friends to take part in the competition, specify @
  • Join the discord community -
  • Link to your post here, in the comments to this ad.

We will sum up the results in a week, on August 19, after 18:00 UTC.

Looking forward to your participation! Invite your friends and acquaintances to take part in the contest and get a guaranteed prize of 1 steem!

 7 months ago 

Давайте поговорим о том, что можно купить за 20 долларов. 20 долларов - это примерно одна прогулка до магазина. Или нет?

Бывает, что для нормальной прогулки маловато этой суммы(

 7 months ago 

Мой пост здесь

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This is my entry for this round. Thank you for the opportunity :)

Is this compulsory that we share our selfie or not. I didn't captured my own self.

No, selfies are not required. It is important to show photos of what you are talking about :)


 7 months ago 

А какой первый тег ставить?

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