Let's teach our users to use Creative Commons Licensed images.

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Hello Steem Aliance friends, hope you are doing great.

Today again I come to make a call to all moderators and administrators of different communities for an issue that is of concern to me and although it is true that many of us know about it. It is important to always keep in mind and if necessary have a post posted in the Feed of each community related to free use images.


Image created by me with the app canva

The problem

As many know in Steemit is only allowed own images or free use. Those that are free to use are the ones that do not have an author or the author gives permission to use their images to promote, edit and do whatever we want with it.

But today many still do not master this concept well and it is worrying to me. Especially because there are users who get annoyed when you leave them the correction. Actually the definition of "authorless" is not difficult to understand.



For example an image taken from a sales website (any kind of sale) has an owner behind it, who is selling his product and uses the images for such purposes, that author is paid for offering a product and therefore you can not use his images here. What you can do in such a case is to buy the product and take a picture of what you are buying, so it is already different because you are using your own image of a product you already paid for.

But using a screenshot of a digital product from these sites or sales apps are not free to use and therefore should not be used.

Now, I think it is the job of every community to make their users understand what kind of images they can use and what not. In fact it would be very good that every community has in its feed an updated tutorial on how to use royalty free images.

Everyone at some point made a mistake and did not know what was free to use and what was not. That is why it is important to research and share information


We all make mistakes once in a while


Sometimes it is difficult to memorize or locate what kind of website is free to use, although recently I have a lot of faith in sites like Freepik or Pixabay; but there are many more. Even Google makes it easy to search for them using their filter. Here I explain how to do it:

From the cell phone:

  • Step 1: from the Google Images search engine we will type the title we want. In my case I wrote "Mango" so you can see the results.

  • Step 2: We click just below where it says "All" that box is a search filter. There you will see different options.

  • Step 3: We click on the filter where it says "Creative Commons Licenses" and there the search engine will show us different websites with free use images. We can select the one we want.


Giff created by me with screenshots to Google Images

And ready, it only remains to enter the web site to verify if it is of free use and copy the link of the image to take it as source.

From your computer

  • Step 1: click on "tools" which is the filter to choose the size and type of image.

  • Step 2: Select Creative Commons License.

And that's it. The search engine will show us different web sites that are free to use.


Giff created by me with screenshots to Google Images

I make a call to each community

I know that many know this information and it is good, but beyond that we must be multipliers of it and explain especially to the Newcomer users how this type of images work.

Every community should have at least one post with information like this. Let them inform their users about the use of images with Creative Commons licenses so that their readers can visit them whenever they want or need to do so.

For example, in the Latin Community and in the "Scouts and their Friends" community there is a publication where there are posts of interest made by different users in the past.



I made this post since I saw how during the last season of the Steemit Engagement Challenge many entries were disqualified in different communities. And of course, each community was in their right because the rules of the contest clearly say "own or free use images" and for any contest if a post doesn't comply with rules it should be disqualified. But by being multipliers of this information users learn and do not make these mistakes anymore. Of course as users we must accept corrections too and not get defensive with who verifies us.

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Bueno realmente casi soy nueva tengo 4 meses por aquí y uso Unsplash, no tenia idea de cómo saber por eso uso la fuente que fué lo que me explicaron. Gracias por tan buena explicación lo tendré en cuenta. Shalom 🦋

Un splash es muy chévere, aunque hay que estar pendiente porque las que tienen candadito no son de uso libre.


Eso sí se 😁 por eso la uso. Gracias

Interesante ya mas o menos agarre el hilo pero pasa que tambien hay imagenes que necesitamos para complementar el post y n es facil hay que buscar mucho que si se encuentra pero que sea libre

Claro bella, sin embargo no podemos complementar un post con imágenes no permitidas 🙈. De una forma u otra hay que resolver

También existe la opción de crear imágenes desde cero, pero obvio eso es más trabajo


Muchas gracias por tu recomendaciones, seguro serán útiles para todos, y mejorar la calidad de nuestras publicaciones usando las imágenes correctamente.

Hola bella, muchas gracias, la publicación fue hecha con mucho cariño


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Casualmente acabo de dar con una imagen así para guaky desde Wiki tomando en cuenta el post de Wil que también sirvió de mucho,😊 gracias mil.👍🏼

Excelente recordar estos temas. Refrescante información para los viejos y enseñar a los nuevos.

 10 months ago 

Dear @yonaikerurso ,

We appreciate your active participation and contributions to our community. To ensure a positive environment for all members, we have implemented a set of guidelines to maintain respectful and constructive discussions while upholding community guidelines.

  • Review: I suggest that you go through our pinned post so as to know what post is accepted in our community.

This context post of yours is not accepted

Now Engage, Connect, and Inspire Each Other to Reach New heights.

Thank You.



Quiero que me diga usted ¿Por qué mi publicación no es aceptada?.

Más allá de ser un tutorial lo que quiero es hacer un llamado a cada comunidad para que tengan en su Feed una publicación hablando del uso de las imágenes libres para que los nuevos usuarios aprendan a usarlas. Realmente la explicación fue para que tengan una idea sencilla de como rastrear este tipo de imágenes

Y es importante aprender usar imágenes de uso libre, Porque hay muchos usuarios que no saben usar correctamente este tipo de imágenes. Inclusive hace poco me topé con una administradora de comunidad que no sabía que estaba usando imágenes que no son permitidas en Steemit

 10 months ago 

Your post is nice but it is not in accordance to our community rule, that is why it is not accepted.

For example, you made a post concerning how to refrain from copy-righted images, this is what every Moderator/Admin should know.

The tutorial post you have given should be for newbies that doesn't know how to differentiate between a copy-righted and a copyright-free image.


I suggested that you go through our Community rules.

I hope you can do so and see other types of posts not accepted. Thanks!

Porque es un llamado a qué los administradores y comunidades hagan una publicación en sus comunidades para instruir a los nuevos usuarios.

Además, supiera usted la cantidad de moderadores y administradores que no saben que imágen es de uso libre y que no

Saludos amigo!!!

Gracias por compartirnos esta valiosa información, de mucho interés para todo sobre todo para los que están ingresando en la plataforma, que uno anda un poco perdido, y tu publicación ayuda muchísimo en esta parte tan importante de como buscar imágenes libre de derecho de autor para poder ser utilizados como material en nuestras publicaciones.


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