SteemFoods Contest -17-| Promote Your Favorite Street Food Restaurant! | +250 Liquid Tron Award

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Hello Everyone:

Today I will announce the 17th contest that I will organize in the SteemFoods Community. Last week we saw wonderful and highly creative cake recipes for the contest I organized with the SteemFoods steemanniversary-cake tag. I would like to thank all our users who participated in the contest, I announced the results of the contest 2 days ago. You can view the results of the competition in detail by clicking the link below. Now I will share this week's contest topic in detail with you.

SteemAnniversary-Cake Contest Results | RECORD: 190+ Entries | 3200$ + Vote Support

What Is This Week's Contest Subject?

This week's contest subject is 'Promote Your Favorite Street Food Restaurant'. With this competition, we want to see the favorite street food vendors, traditional street food and street food restaurants where our users from different countries live. I expect all our users who like to promote restaurants in the SteemFoods Community and want to improve their restaurant promotions to participate in this contest.

Promote a Street Food Restaurant ! (1).png

About Favorite Street Food Restaurant Promotion:

Your favorite street food restaurant; A business that sells meatballs on the street can be a business that sells traditional desserts or drinks on the street. We have no limits on this issue. You can promote all businesses that sell food, desserts and beverages on the street. I had previously organized a contest in SteemFoods Community to promote your favorite restaurant, so be careful that the business you are promoting sells food, desserts or drinks on the street.

  • Be sure to add a selfie you took at a street food restaurant to your posts.

  • Include in your post why this street food restaurant is your favorite.

  • I recommend that you add the interior and exterior view of your favorite street food restaurant, the menu list, the price of the food they sell, desserts or drinks in your shipments. Location information would be great if you could add a receipt if you shopped at your favorite street food restaurant.

Application for Location Information :

Biggest Tip for This Competition:

If you want to be one of the winners of this contest, be sure to add information such as a selfie photo at the street food restaurant, the interior and exterior design of the restaurant, the menu list, the price of the products they sell, receipt, location information if you have shopping in this restaurant. If you add to your post what is your favorite dish in this restaurant and why this street food restaurant is your favorite, your chances of being one of the winners of the competition will increase.

What are the Contest Rules?

  • Share your post in the SteemFoods Community.

  • Use the #steemfoods-streetfood tag. (Entries of the participants who do not use the tag will not be accepted.)

  • Share quality and original content. (The photos you use in your post must be your own.

  • Specify the country from which you are participating in the tag section. (Example; steemfoods-turkey)

  • You can add as many photos as you want.

Awards of the competition:

We will try to vote support with quality content prepared for the contest with -steemcurator01, -steemcurator02, -steemcurator06 and booming accounts. As an extra, I will choose from this week's '' Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day '' posts prepared for this contest. That's why I recommend you to produce content for this contest. In addition, I will distribute 50 Liquid TRX Prizes to each of the 5 winners of this competition. In total, 250 liquid TRX prizes will be distributed.

  • 1st Winner Prize: 50 TRX

  • 2nd Winner Prize: 50 TRX

  • 3rd Winner Prize: 50 TRX

  • 4th Winner Prize: 50 TRX

  • 5th Winner Prize: 50 TRX

NOTE: The reason for equal prize distribution to the winners of the competition is that it is very difficult to choose the first, second, third, fourth and fifth posts among the winning posts, so I think it would be better and fair to distribute the prize equally.

Completion Date of the Competition:

The duration of the competition is 1 week. 20/04/2021 The date, time clock with Turkey 23: 59 will end the contest.

Twitter Sharing:


If you share your post you prepared for the contest with #steemfoods-streetfood , #steemfoodscontest and #steem tags on twitter, we can give higher voting support.

Be sure to include a screenshot of your twitter post under your post.

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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 last year 

NICE CONTEST, i will try participate, there's only one food truck in my city, and his hotdogs it's cheap and tasty, if he allowed me take photos i will make my post about it

i'm a newcomer in steemfoods, i'm trying improve my posts (i made 2 already), if you have any hint, i will surely accept.

 last year 

Hello :

If you say that you are a blogger and will promote the products he sells, he will let you take pictures. Maybe he can give you a complimentary hot dog or a discount for promoting it. The food truck promotion promotion will be interesting, I look forward to your participation. :)

 last year 

Thanks for the tip, i will try talk to him, i just go on weekends, so probably the post will be written Friday or Saturday

You should try.i hope you succeeded

 last year 

I managed to participate, thanks for the incentive @sptalk, I just created my post participating in the contest

Güzel contest teşekkürler fakat ramazan boyunca ülkemizde kafe/restorant gibi yerler sadece paket servis olarak çalışacaklar. Maalesef biz katılamayacağız.

Tnx for upvote and sharing

 last year (edited)

Hola amigos, AQUI les comparto como preparan y se suelen comer en mi pueblo Cantaura las hamburguesas, pepi perros y perros calientes


Your method of guiding is great

 last year 

Esta es mi Entrada

Y compartido en twitter


 last year 

Your competition is very nice. I would love to participate with pleasure. but it will be difficult to find street food during Ramadan. In addition, due to the pandemic, all restaurants and peddlers will be closed for 1 month from tomorrow.

Unfortunately, Turks will not be able to participate in the competition

You hit the jackpot.

 last year 

Neden böyle dediniz

 last year 

First time I participated in a contest and had a lot of fun. Maybe the best posts weren't, but I'm still going to get the hang of participating in contests.

Anyone who can check it will leave the link here, and if you can tell me what you think.

Greetings Friend @ alikoc07 a pleasure to greet you again

Here I leave my Participation to the Contest

I also attach a screenshot of my Twitter where I shared my link


 last year 

Hola amigo @alikoc07 desde Venezuela miles de bendiciones, gracias por esta comunidad y por su apoyo.

Concurso SteemFoods -17- | ¡Promocione su restaurante favorito de comida callejera! | By @astilem.


Mi Publicación en twitter

Bei Jing.jpg

Saludos amigo aquí te dejo Mi Participación

 last year (edited)

Hola, esta es mi participación en el concurso: Rotisería el paso. Pasteur
enlace del twitter


 last year 

Omg! So excited to make a blog for it. Great ideaaa!😍

Great contest!


Thank you for creating this contest. This is such a great avenue to promote and support small businesses in the streets.

It's like promoting our own culture as well

Thank you for bringing up this contest @steemitfoods. I will be participating soon

 last year 

Me encanta soy amante de las comidas callejeras nos vemos pronto con mi participación..!!

 last year 

Me encanta este concurso pronto mi entrada.

 last year 

Buenísimo a comer en nuestro lugar favorito una rica comida callejera...

Really delicious contest for the food lovers, I would definitely recommend some of my so called 'FOODY' friends to take part in this wonderful yummy contest.

nice contest i liked it
good work dear

Wow! I think I love this contest, I'll really love to participate if only the restaurant will allow me take pictures of all the items required for this contest

But still expect my entry

Good day @alikoc07 @steemitfoods may I kindly ask if I could write about this streetfood Tuslobuwa as an entry for your new contest about our favorite streetfood. 3 days ago, I have written in the SteemFoods Community about tuslobuwa, and since it is considered as a streetfood here in the Philippines, I'd like to write again featuring this food. Will that be okay sir if I will use the same pictures and I still have some pictures in my phone that I will also include. Best regards 🇵🇭

Ini yang ditunggu tunggu contest promosi buat resto vaporit. Terimakasih @steemitfoods yang selalu memberikan pengaruh positif bagi komunitas.

I did not know that this contest was available, I will surely participate. My city has really cool restaurants everywhere, and I know it will be a bit crazy because the minimum wage here is around $ 2 and food costs around that amount, so you can imagine what country I'm talking about, right? See you soon!

How,I will live to participate in this contest, expect my entry soon.

Esta es mi participación!! ❤️
This is my participation

Uploading image #1...

Good contest...

 last year 

Hola, por aquí mi participación.

Compartido en Twitter

twi Burguer Z.jpg

Bendiciones para Todos.

Wow this is such great contest.. I will try to participate one of our favorite #streetfoods to other's this is interesting. Thanks for giving us chance to participate.

Hello sir @alikoc07, here is my entry on the street foods contest. Regards.

On Twitter:


I can't wait to participate in this contest.
I will immediately subscribe to the steemfood community

 last year 
 last year 

I would love to participate in this contest, I will be trying!

I am very happy to be a part of steemfood community. Your competition is so well, and we try to win that Inshallah

 last year 

can I use the steemfoods tag for a topic that I'm not cooking or making a recipe for, but want to talk about a subject related to steem foods? there is a contest going on right now to talk about our favorite street restaurant, and I would like to make a post talking about this contest

Will I be penalized for using the tag to talk about the contest? Some things happened and I would like to report in this post

I'm questioning so that I won't be penalized in the future, I still want to make a lot of recipes for the community and I don't want to have my image tarnished before the community for an oversight, if you can answer me I would appreciate it

 last year 

Feliz dia. Mi participación. Gracias. Saludos

Enlace participacion

Enlace Twitter


Wow, Great Contest . I think I will participate in this contest.

 last year 

@alikoc07 Excellent that this contest is in the flexible week in Venezuela, I hope to participate.

Hola amigos esta es mi entrada al cuncurso .

Publicado en Twitter


 last year 

Deseo participar en este concurso .amo la comida callejera una delicia ,aca en villa de cura ay varios pero tengo uno de mi preferencia espero participar.

Good day!😊 After struggling for several hours with the internet signal😓, I finally leave you my entry! I hope you like it! Success for everyone!💖


 last year 

This is great contest I will try to participate this competition.

¡Hola! Excelente concurso, los puestos de comida están en todas partes. Aquí traje mi participación, saludos :D

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