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Along with Google plus code You can use whats3word as well to use them for location let's know what's this and how to use it.

What's What3words?

What's3words provide a 3 Words unique code For every 3M area.

Basically What3words has given every 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address, Just like Google maps has plus codes and latitudes and longitude for all the locations.

How to use?

You can use any version, but personally I would suggest you to use The application version suitable for your platform, application version has a much friendly user interface than the website version.

  • Simply open application/Website version.

  • click on any square you want to locate.

  • You will get a 3 word unique address for every square.



Switch to Satellite Mode

Just like Google maps you can also switch to satellite mode in What's3words for a better view.

Normal version


Satellite mode

  • You can enter into satellite mode by clicking the earth sign On the right below corner.



Change application language

Recently there has been some issues for users using What's3words in other countries when 3 word address is published sometime it's translated wrong.. To avoid this barrier it would be great to use Application in English language to publish the codes.

  • In the first step, Click these 3 Dots on the top left corner to access application setting.

  • In the second step, click on "setting"

  • In the third step, click on "Language"

  • In the fourth step, you can select either only primary language or you can setup a secondary language, this way the 3 Words unique address will be shown into two languages.

  • In the final step, you will see all the available languages then you can chose English package and download It.

Step - 1


Step - 2


Step - 3


Step - 4

Note: My primary language is English, secondary selected language is "Bhasa Malaysia"

Step - 5


If you find any problem in using whats3word or Google plus code, please tag me in the comments section I'll definitely help you out.




It is very useful for everyone. I was able to learn about this from you some time ago. This is a new way by which we can share our location.

I just had some doubt but have learned about it in this post. I am learning a lot from this.

Thank you ..

Can I use this in every of my diary posts?

#twopercent #india #affable

Yes you can use it every time you share your location, it would be great if you share your posts on Twitter as well with #steem and #whats3words

It's great, this post is very useful. I think anyone who is not doing this app right now can learn well from this post. I have been using it since long ago, it is very easy.
@Rishabh99946 Thank you very much for this.
#onepercent #india #affable

@rishabh99946 after saving the location address....how do I use it on my Steemit post.

Open whats3word, select any square then you can share that 3 Words unique address by clicking on share option, share it with any friend then you can simply copy paste it into diary game.


Mate you have put Twitter links in your photos caption. You need to put your 3 word unique address link.
Do one thing share that link on some other social media ie whatsapp, instagram something like that then you can copy paste the link.

Hi @rishabh99946

You are a good person.I won't share the link on Twitter next time.I have understood it well.I will share it on WhatsApp and then copy and paste the link my post on Steemit.

Thanks a lot.

Glad I could help you. Have a good day.

Am finding it difficult to use @ijelady

Very helpful

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