Contest! Contest!! Contest!!! : What I will do with 1 Million Dollars As a steemian

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Hello guys,
Welcome to yet another wonderful contest today. A million dollars is indeed a huge amount of money and having such money as a steemian means a lot. You will agree with me that we have fewer people on the platform who have such an amount of money.

Many things will come to our minds immediately such amount of money is given to us right now. Some will think of investing in a physical asset whereas others will think of solving so many family issues and others may think of building houses and even buying cars others may think of investing in steemit.

In this contest today, every participant is expected to tell us what will be his/her plans to do if such money is given to him/her. Your ideas may be of great help too as many who have the money or maybe the steemit team may decide to give you such money if they find your plans worthy enough hahaha...




  1. What will you do with 1 million dollars as a steemian?
  2. If given such money will you continue blogging in the steemit platform? Give reasons why or why not
  3. Can you invest such amount in steem? Give reason why or why not.
  4. How do you intend to handle your steemit account that has an asset worth 1 million dollars. (Will you engage in self voting, delegate to upvu or use it to support other steemians like in the case of the SC01 and SC02)




  • The title of your article must be "What I will do with 1 Million Dollars As a steemian "

  • Mention me @simonnwigwe in any part of your post so that I can easily see your entry.

  • Article must contain at least 300 words.

  • Your article must be published in the Steem4Nigeria community.

  • You must be following either of the following clubs #club5050 #club75 #club100 but newbies whose achievement1 post has not paid out can use the #newcomer tag.

  • Use the hashtags among your first four tags #simon2023-c11, #steemexclusive, #yourcountry

  • Invite at least three users to also participate in the contest and drop the link of your entry as a comment on this post.

  • Vote and resteem this post.

  • The contest halts immediately after this post pays out.




  • A total of 10 steem power will be distributed at the ratio of 5:3:2 to the top three contestants.

  • The community curator will also vote on all valid entries.

  • There will be booming support for outstanding entry as well.




  • Only #steemexclusive articles will be considered

  • Post layout I.e markdown will be taken into consideration.

  • Images must be your own or copyright free.




The contest today talks about what we will want to do with a million dollars. Many persons have different plans when given such a huge amount of money. Today in this amazing platform we want you to share with us your dreams and the plans you have if given such money. I wish all participant success and I await your entries.

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Wow what a topic. Inshallah I will also participate with full enthusiasm and will win inshallah.

 last year (edited)


This topic is quite interesting 🤔,I will try to participate

This contest is supper amazing. Expect my entry soon.

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