Kids-health contest #2|| Tell us how to stay fits and healthy🥕🍅🏋️⛹️🚴 || 30 Liquid steem for grab

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Hi kids and kids lovers, it is my pleasure to bring to you kids-health contest No.2 and this time we are going review how we can stay fit and healthy. You know we always want everyone to stay fit and healthy as we steem. So let's see what you do to stay fit and healthy. Staying fit and healthy plays a vital role in our life.



  • Tell us the benefits of staying healthy.

  • Tell us what you do to stay fits.

  • If it is food tell us the health benefits of the food.

  • Is it exercise? Show us how to do it, let another steemians benefits from it, we want everyone to stay fit.

  • What advise will you give those who neglect their healthy.

  • Do steemit contribute to your staying healthy? If yes tell us how it has done so.


The rules are very simple.

  • This contest is open to Steemkids lovers and verified kids.

  • Subscribe to steemkids community if you have not done so.

  • You have to be a "verified kid" in order to participate in this contest.

  • You must follow @steemkidss

  • Title should be "kids-health contest #2| How to stay fits and healthy (your user name)

  • Join steemkidss curation trail, a must.

  • Join our other social media channels. Telegram Chat room, drop your post link here, join our discord channel, join our Facebook page. Very important.

  • Invite 3 of your friends to participate

  • Plagiarism is prohibited and you will be disqualified if you are caught.

  • Entry must be in steemkids community.

  • At least 250 words

  • Pictures must be your own.

  • Follow and tag me so I can get to know quickly

  • Vote, resteem and drop your link at the comment section of this post.


Reward pool- 30 liquid steem

✓ 1st winner- 5 steem

✓ 2nd winner- 5 steem

✓ 3rd winner- 5 steem

✓ 4th winner- 5 steem

✓ 10 steem will be shared among 5 favourite participants who are close to the winning point but couldn't make it in the first 5 positions.

Winners will be selected from those who follow all the rules and who are detailed. Also, from those who applied markdown styles

I wish you all the best in this contest entry. I will be expecting them soon.


Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

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 2 years ago 

Wow, amazing. This is long awaited. We are glad you are back

@steemkids whats term condition is necassary for making a modrator in #steemkids community i am very satisfied with team work i am taking intrust for haeiring contest in community .I want to educate our children and use my energy to creative our kids.
wait for yours response .If it is not possible to give me such credit let me permission to haier contest in community

You can apply as a Steemkids teacher to educate the kids, also you are free to run a contest I think you can do it without being a moderator, as long as you contribute to the community in terms of the payment percentage and that you can respect the community rules.

wow thats great thanks for an update
can you share with me the rules
of payment percentage

How can I verified myself in steemkids.?

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 2 years ago 

Amazing contest, kindly expect my entry.

Que buen concurso.


 2 years ago 

Nice contest!

Interesting contest. Thabks for coming up with this . We'll get to learn from others post

Waiting to see your entry soon

This is my link:

 2 years ago 

Here is my participation

 2 years ago 

Got ya😀

 2 years ago 

How, did ya?

Great contest.
I would really love to participate,
I hope I can.

Thank you all for u
Participating in this contest, the winners will soon be announced

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