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Hello dear kids lovers, trust you are all doing great? It is our utmost concern to support you all in which ever way possible.

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One of the foremost way to do so is to grow our steem power. Hence, we have two ways we wish to do that.

1. Delegation:

Here, we invite you all to make a delegation to @steemkidss according to your resources and according what you feel you can let out to us. Simply click any of the link below and make your quick delegation.

Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

50SP 100SP 250SP 500 Sp1000SP2500SP


Another way we will like to grow our steempower is through joining our curation trail. Follow the steps below to do so.

✓ Log in to

✓Select Login/Register

✓ on the next interface that will come up, select Continue

✓ input your username along with your posting key

✓ then select "Get Started"

✓ the next is to select "Login", and then close the dialogue box.

✓ then select "Steem login" and continue so that you can continue to the next option

✓ at this stage, it will prompt you to input your username and active key

✓ select "Get Started"

✓ select "Authorize"

✓ then select "Curation Trail"

✓ in the search box, type "steemkidss" and select the search button to search out steemkidss for you

✓ on the page that will come out, select "Follow" and then "ok". At this stage, you have joined @steemkidss curation trail but at a default of 50%. But you can make it 100% by going further to the next stage

✓ select "Settings"

✓ input "100" in the first box that has 50% and then ok. This will mean that you have joined our trail at 100%.

That is all.

Note that in delegation, you allow us to make use of your delegated steempower and gain the curation rewards from it, while in curation trail, we are only helping you to curate or vote publications while you still gain your curation rewards.

In trail, you don't need to curate or vote publications yourself, we do that for you.

  • You are free to choose option 1, which is to delegate to @steemkidss account or to join our curation trail.

You can also do both of them if you so desire.

If our resources improve, we will announce how much delegation rewards we will pay to those who have Delegated to is.

We know that you have our best interest at heart and as such, you will like to support us to grow out steempower.

Please let us know at the comment section of you have supported us in any of the 2 mentioned ways to grow out steempower.


Best regards

@steemkids Community team

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 2 years ago 

I've joined the Curation Trail @100% plus I've delegated 50SP.

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much


I have joined the curation trail.
Screenshot_20220131-101251_Samsung Internet.jpg

 2 years ago 

Thank you

 2 years ago 

I arrived too in this page

 3 years ago (edited)

Hello @steemkidss, I had join the curation trial and set mine to 💯%. And I have also Delegated 200SP to @steemkidss. Below are the proofs


 3 years ago 

Thank you so much

Thanks dear @steemkids definitely I will join the curation trail today

 3 years ago 

Hey i love kids a d i see this as a wonderful community i have delegated 50sp to steemkidss.

 3 years ago 

Wow, thank you so much. But joining our trail would have been better. But all the same, thank you so much. We love you so much

 3 years ago 

If joining your trail is better, then let me join it too. I dont know much about these things. Am just learning.

 3 years ago 

Is ok dear, just follow the directions on the post above

 3 years ago 

Thank you so much. All is done. I have also joined the trail.

 3 years ago 

I just joined the curation trail. I will delegate as soon as I'm able to @steemkidss

 3 years ago 

Hi @ngozi996, thank you for joining the trail. You may not need to delegate again. It is either you join or delegate, unless you just want to

I have joined the curation trail @steemkidss.


 3 years ago 

Alright, thank you

Listo @steemkidss estoy unida a curation trail, juntos somos más fuertes.

 3 years ago 

Alright Sis. Thank you

I joined the curation trail before I participated in the contest since I knew it was one the criteria to before I can take part in the contest

I have joined the curation trail. I will also delegate soon.

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