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Hello Friends & Fans!

When we hear the music, we just can't get enough, we just can't get enough! It is with pleasure to announce the Top 3 and winners of Music For Steem, edition 8.

As announced, we are going for 100% quality and for steady growth. The judges of the competition have over 60 years of experience with music and singing. And thank you for your trust in them. Judging is done with the highest level of integrity and all in favor of the competition. Never for a particular artist.

This week we will do a Q&A, so if you have any questions that you like to ask the core team, this is a perfect time!

Thank you Steemit for providing us with the infrastructure to host this contest, and to provide the winners with an upvote as part of their prize.

See you at WEEK 9!

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Hi Kate, we met a few weeks ago and you absolutely blew us from our chair, thanks for that! A singing-songwriting guitar playing mom with a voice like a powerhouse, yeah what else do we want for this competition? We obviously LOVE to hear more from you and hope you invite all your friends and fans :D

@kjablonski"Tonight" ORIGINAL SONG


see post...


Oh Diana, what are we going to do with you? Thanks for bringing those Latina vibes in the contest. Keep it up, you are literally a star in the making! Thanks a lot

@dianakyv"Esto es Amor"


see post...


You Jake, are a rock star. Do you realize how much goosebumps you can give? The tone of your voice is dark, mysterious and a pleasure to watch you perform. You are you, thanks for that!

@futuremind"Stop The World"


see post...

Contest rules.png

  • En su video debe iniciar con la frase musicforsteem semana (numero correspondiente) y nombre de usuario, debe grabarse en vivo.

  • Sube el video a youtube/dtube y publicalo en steemit, duracion minima del video un minuto.

  • El titulo de la publicacion debe ser: MUSICA PARA STEEM SEMANA (numero correspondiente) y titulo de la cancion.

  • Utiliza las etiquetas #musicforsteem y #steemexclusive

  • Comparte en tus redes sociales, utiliza las etiquetas #steemit, #steem y deja tu enlace en los comentarios de tu publicacion. (Opcional)

  • vota y dale reesteem a esta publicación.
  • La entrada debera ser publicada primero en steemit, solo una entrada por participante.

Para conocer mas detalles visita esta publicacion

  • In your video you must start with the phrase musicforsteem week (corresponding number) and username, it must be recorded live.

  • Upload the video to youtube / dtube and post it on steemit. Minimum duration of the video, one minute.

  • The title of the publication should be: MUSIC FOR STEEM WEEK (corresponding number) + title of the song.

  • Share on your social networks and use the #steemit #steem tags and leave your link in the comments of your post. (Optional).

  • Upvote and resteem this publication

  • The entry must be published first on Steemit. Only one entry per participant

More details visit this publication


First place / Primer lugar

  • 20 STEEM @musicforsteem
  • Ticket: Music For Steem GRAND FINALE (End of Year)

We now have 8 artists with a ticket for the grand finale at the end of the year:
Week 1: @juliolunar
Week 2: @futuremind
Week 3: @davidcentenor
Week 4: @danieldedosd2
Week 5: @cmp2020 & @esouthern3
Week 6: @eugelys
Week 7: @gaborockstar
Week 8: @kjablonski

  • 20 STEEM @musicforsteem
  • Boleto: Música para Steem GRAND FINALE (Fin de año)

Ahora tenemos 7 artistas con un boleto para la gran final a fin de año.
Semana 1: @juliolunar
Semana 2: @futuremind
Semana 3: @davidcentenor
Semana 4: @danieldedosd2
Semana 5: @cmp2020 & @esouthern3
Semana 6: @eugelys
Semana 7: @gaborockstar

Second place / Segundo lugar

Third place - tercer lugar




Delegation links for @Musicforsteem

Enlaces para delegar a @MusicForSteem


After clicking on the link, you must accept the amount of sp, and sign with your active private key and accept it. Remember to leave at least 50SP in your account.

Después de hacer clic en el enlace, deberás aceptar la cantidad de sp, a continuación ingresa tu nombre de usuario de steemit y tu clave activa privada y dale aceptar. Recuerde dejar al menos 50SP en tu cuenta.

Curation trail.png

You can follow our trail here and set your vote in the curation trail category. Help us to curate content that deserves to be recognized and valued by all.

Puedes seguir nuestro trail aquí y configurar tu voto en la categoría curation trail. Ayúdanos a curar contenido que merece ser reconocido y valorado por todos.




Winners' votes now distributed.

Siempre voy a disfrutar esas piezas!!! Muy buena interpretación! Suerte!!

Muchas gracias, complacido qué te gustø @jeemrocker!

Muchas gracias para su participación!

Muy bien

A ustedes por este maravilloso concurso, que continúen los éxitos @musicforsteem!

bárbaro maestro! un abrazo

Congratulations @kjablonski for the first place win! Well deserved, and I can't wait to hear more!
Congratulations @dianakyv for the second place win. You are amazing and never fail to deliver top notch performances!

Thank you for choosing me as one of the winners @musicforsteem, and for such kind words! 😃 It's a privilege to be a part of this amazing community! ❤️ More to come in the future, I need to get to work!

Thanks so much! Didn't expect that after just joining the competition... you are all awesome :)

Music For Steem is like a box of chocolate

You did amazing!

Thanks for your kind words! Yes you should go to work. But please do not feel it as working because then you will not like it. :P

Thanks for Steeming, this was amazing!

Team MFS

Felicidades a todos quienes participaron esta semana y mi reconocimiento a quienes ganaron! Excelente resultado.
Un abrazo musical para todos!! <3

¡Hola Esther! ¡¡No podemos esperar a escuchar tu próxima actuación !!

Hi @ciska !! I'm working in it! My internet doesn't want to collaborate but I think I´m gonna make it this time this time! :)

Hi @ciska !! I'm working in it! My internet doesn't want to collaborate but I think I'm gonna make it this time! :)

Oye! Quiero pedir disculpas por mi ausencia! He tenido problemas con el internet entre otras cosas, como compromisos y momentos difíciles que estamos pasando con unos amigos!.. pero aquí estoy nuevamente para agradecerles por este lugar maravilloso que me dieron en este increíble concurso!. Un abrazo para todos! Felicidades a los ganadores y a los que participaron!.

Hola! :) No worries babe we can understand the difficulty. We hope everything is better now. Do not lose faith, after rain the sun will come!!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us, it is always a pleasure to hear you sing!

First of all I would like to congrats to all of the three winners !
Hope for their best and amazing contribution for our community.
And the 2nd thanks goes to the entire teams of admins who have been continuously organising this type of initiative .
Thanking you !

Thank you!

Hi,@musicforsteem.I am new in steemit. I don't know much about steemit. I love music very much. I want to share songs here. It would be great if someone could help me with full information.

Hi Welcome!

Do you mean your own songs that you perform yourself? Or songs performed by others that you want to share?

If you sing or play an instrument, you can join the contest and post your entries in the communinty Music For Steem. The rules are explained in the post!

If you want to share youtube clips from other artist you can just use music related tags!

Thanks if you have more questions, shout!

I want to post my singing..

That is AWESOME! :)

Upload your songs to youtube and post it on Steemit.

In our community https://steemit.com/trending/hive-137433

You just say your username and the week we are in. Currently its week 9. So if you can record in the next 12 hours, you can even enter this week.

Just look what other entries are doing. It has to be minimum of 1 minute.

We can NOT wait to hear you sing!

If more questions arise, shoot. If you got discord you can join there too https://discord.gg/K7aM3Zz


Okay, one last question.Can I sing without instruments?

Yes! You are more than welcome to sing without instrument!

See you soon in MFS!

Thank you so much

Gracias Leo

Excelente felicidades a todos los ganadores de esta semana saludos.

Timing is something we need to do better ;) But here are the winners of week 9! Please think about the questions you like to ask us this week!

Please have faith in the organizers. We are here for the long haul and do not think about short term gains or privileged voting.

Everything we do, we do it for you.

Mi pregunta!!!
Cuando se refieren a "Compromiso" Me imagino que tiene que ver con las cosas que has hecho, cantado, comentado, reblogueado, y otros (ado) hacia este concurso, quisiera saber cuales son los criterios que toman en cuenta que tienen que ver con el compromiso. Es para entender un poco más esos criterios con los ganadores actuales... Gracias!!! Feliz semana...

Thanks for your question Daniel! It is a really great one.

Points are gained primarily from a top-notch performance and how much impact the song has on the main audience. The selected winners have made such impact this week that the points were really high.

We love dedication, but some people do not have internet and electricity all the time, or have an extremely busy life, but still like to express their talent on the Steem blockchain.

You, your lovely wife, your kids, you are all part of something beautiful and extraordinary. And we like to thank you for your commitment and for bringing so much beautiful music to us!

Team MFS

Jolie music j'aime continué comme çà c'est top bravo

C'est mervelleux

Thank you! Congratulations to the participants!

Hi @musicforsteem .. would you please tell me the rules and regulations that I need to follow for posting my song? I didn't post here before.

Hi! The rules are explained in this post!

You only need to upload it on Youtube, share that link in your post on Steemit and post in our community! You can check the other entries too to hear what they say. See you soon and welcome!

Felicidades a todos los ganadores de la semana #8, Merecido reconocimiento, saludos con cariño chicos, sigan así. He estado un poco confundida con tantos cambios en el concurso, pero quizás están haciendo lo mejor posible para que quede una sola regla, según ahora ¿ hay que hacer una publicación diaria durante toda la semana número 9? eso me preocupa porque pase por un proceso difícil en mi vida de no poder cantar durante mucho tiempo, ahora que mi voz a vuelto, senti como si mi alma hubiese despertado de nuevo. Conozco plenamente mi instrumento y aún siento que no debo hacer desarreglos, sin embargo me he sacrificado por estar cada semana con ustedes. Todos los participantes son maravillosos y se que hacen todo lo que este a su alcance para participar, pero en verdad me preocupa saber que hay que cantar algo a diario. Dios ayúdame 😩

Ohh cariño sorry for the confusion! We fully acknowledge that past announcements could have been MUCH better!

No, you do not have to sing every day! You automatically enter even with 1 performance. Just the same as before.

Artists that want to make more songs for a week, can do that. But it is absolutely not a must. We also do not give more points for posting more songs.

Hope this answers your question.

Thanks for singing for us, we are happy your voice is healed and that you found joy again. It must have been really hard on you, and we wish you a lot of strength! A big hug, respect and good winds in your direction!

Team MFS

Hola queridos amigos, acá les comparto mi entrada a este gran concurso:


I like music.. Good 🌃

Felicitaciones a los ganadores de la edición número 8 en especial a mi querida amiga y alumna @dianakyv!

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