Steemit Engagement Challenge Week 2 || Share your Country's Culture

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Hello Everyone. We hope you all are doing good. Thank you for your incredible participation in the first contest.

In collaboration with the Steemit Team, we are announcing our Second Contest of the Engagement Challenge. People from all over the world are invited to take part in this contest unless they are not using bid bots services. Participation in at least #club5050 is necessary. Club75 and Club100 would be highly appreciated.


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Since we are having International participants and simultaneously, we are a Country Community. Therefore, we have chosen to keep the theme Country Exclusive.

As it is clear from the title image, we are asking you to tell us about your Favorite Festival. It could either be a religious or a cultural festival. Write about its origin/history. How you celebrate it? Is it celebrated like few generations ago or newer generations lack awareness and are insensitive to their own culture?

Favorite Cultural or Religious Festival

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Rules of the Contest

  • You should be a member of one of the clubs ( #club5050, #club75, Or #club100 )
  • The post should be made in Steemit Pakistan, there is no language barrier. Please use free images only.
  • Your post should contain atleast (300) three hundred words or more.
  • Your post must be steemexclusive.
  • You can share your contest post as early as Monday at 00:00 (UTC). The last time to join is Sunday at 23:59(UTC).
  • Drop the link to your post in the comment section of this post. Invite two friends of yours to participate in this contest through the comment. Your comment should now like: Here is the link to my participation post: Link. I invite user1 and user2 to take part in this contest.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any participation post found plagiarized will be disqualified and strict action will be taken.
  • Use the tag: #spengagement-week2 in the first 5 tags with your club status and country tag.

The most important rule is to visit the posts made by other participants and drop your comments and engage with them. Remember, Increasing engagement between the people is the utmost goal of this Program

Another detailed post of rules to be followed throughout the engagement challenge will be published soon, right after the announcement made by steemitblog. The more you are seen on others' posts, the more your username will shine.

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The Winners Rewards For This Contest

There will be 10 winners in this contest. The prize distribution will be done in the following manner.

1-5Booming Upvotes
68 Steem
76 Steem
84 Steem
9-102 Steem

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We wish you all the very best of luck and see you all in the contests and in Steemit Pakistan Community. You all are welcome to take part in the contests run in our Community.

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Quick Delegation Links To earn delegation rewards

50 SP100 SP200 SP300 SP400 SP500 SP
1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP3000 SP4000 SP5000 SP

Goodluck sist

🤩 thanks for inviting sis. Hopes I can participate too.

Wish you best of luck, my gorgeous sister 🥰💝

Sorry I just saw this! Can I still enter ? Forgot to check this tab as never got mentioned for ages 😂

Hi here's my participation post Steemit Engagement Challenge Week 2 || Share your Country's Culture/ Eid Mubarak ❤️ and i would like to invite @seapearl and @kunwal to take part in this contest.

 2 months ago 

Thank you dear for inviting me 💗 main abhi post hi bana rhi 😸

Hehehe that's good.

thanks for inviting me good luck 🤞💗

@steemit-pak, my participation below

Festival #Bole festival

I invite @estyroberts and @focusnow to join this contest

Excelente ya estare preparando mi entrada, gracias por tu valiosa invitacion.

De nada amigo anímate a compartir lo bueno de nuestro país 🇻🇪✨

Excelente.. estaré preparando mi participación 😊

Muy buenos dias amigo y muchas gracias por la invitación, de seguro estaré participando. Saludos

Hii guys, here is my entry to this contest, hope you enjoy itMy Contest Entry, The New Yam Festival (Iri Ji Festival)

I'm using this opportunity to invite @amre and @beida to participate in this contest.

Gracias amiga por la invitación, estaré participando. 🙌🤗

 2 months ago 

Gracias bella amiga, ya estoy preparando la mía.

 2 months ago 

Here is the link to my participation post: Link I invite @kishwarsumbal , @ghani12 , @madilyn02 and @binwaqas to take part in this contest.

Hola que hermoso concurso hablaré de la cultura de mi hermoso país Venezuela 🥰💕 bendiciones 💕

Excelente tema para el concurso, un tema donde hay mucha tela que cortar, una pregunta para participar debe estar verificada si serian tan amables de enviarme el link se le agradece.

 2 months ago 

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 02nd May 2022 – Win 1250+ STEEM

Follow & Resteem for more updates.

Here is my contest participation,

I would also love to invite @victoh78, @ronindboss and @weasell to join me in this engagement challenge

What a lovely contest
Hope I can join this contest 😊

Good contest
I will prepare a post participation for the contest

Awesome contest again . Thanks for giving us the oppirtunity to show case our culture again.

My entry.
Steemit Engagement Challenge Week 2 || Sharing My Country's Culture and i invited @chiabetrand , @wirngo and @majerius to participate in the contest...

Here this is my participation in this wonderful Contest , link is here. And now i invite my two friends @sitaraindaryas and @zonash for this contest.



faran nabeel divider.png

Thank you Faran for invite me on this contest.
Best of luck for your entry.

Por acá mi entrada al concurso Steemit Engagement Challenge Week 2 || Share your Country's Culture

Invito a participar a mis amigos @meetwar y @jacorv en este maravilloso concurso!!!

 2 months ago 

Gracias amiga por la invitación el día de mañana hago mi entrada

Thanks for this contest. My entry:

I hereby invite @muktaraliu, @paulandam, and @mustaphaissah to participate in this contest.

Culture is simply the way a particular people live.
I am ready to share how we (Akan) live in Ghana with you.

Hopefully I will have the opportunity to participate in this interesting contest, because we all have our own culture and traditions in own country.

Wonderful contest, i have posted my entry link already because the topic is so captivating

Here is the link to my participation post:
New year for Sinhalese and Tamils

I invite @arshani and @nishadi89 to take part in this contest.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your invitation! I will try to participate for the contest.

 2 months ago 

Again good one I will make sure to participate 🙂

Buenas noches miembros de la comunidad

01 Steem Pakistan.png

Aquí está el enlace a mi publicación de participación: Enlace. Invito a @jacorv, @marcybetancourt, @joyarub y @fuentesjo3006 a participar en este concurso.

Espero estar a la altura de las circunstancias.

Hasta la proxima...

Best of luck dear friend For this contest.
Thank you for invite me on this contest

I will drop my participation link too InshahAllah 🇵🇰😊

Postingan yang bagus kawan, anda telah mengenalkan budaya kita kepada masyarakat dunia.

Saya sedang menyiapkan bahan utk ikut serta dalam kontes ini.

Semoga anda beruntung.

Wow thanks for the invitation

You are welcome dear.

Woow beautiful contest which I will love to share about my tradition because I cherish it alot. Most especially festival periods, enfact I have a lot to talk about it

 2 months ago 

Here is the link to my participation post:
I invite @cocomuff and @aaliarubab to take part in this contest.

I can't wait to participate

Sure! We'd love your Quality entry

Thanks for inviting me, I will do well to participate.

This is a very interesting topic, I will do well to participate

Thank you so much for the update steemit pak let me start working on my post, i will drop my entry later, it's an interesting topic, i have a lot to write on

 2 months ago 

Thank you for the invite, let me see if I can join in the contest.

We are anticipating sir

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