Winners of The Photography Challenge

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Photography challenge has come to an end with a lot of spectacular entries. I was planning on choosing just 3 winners, but I was unable to shortlist only 3. Therefore, we have six winners now. (:

As promised, all the rewards from the contest announcement post are to be distributed among the winners along with upvotes from booming. I got 9 STEEM in the payout, which is very low, so I am distributing all the liquid STEEM in my wallet which is also low - 22 STEEM. But that's all I got. -_-

Top Photographers

usernamespost linksrewards
@mdkamran99link5 STEEM + booming upvote
@dorismoslink5 STEEM + booming upvote
@uzmafaisallink5 STEEM + booming upvote
@bossj23link2 STEEM + booming upvote
@patjewelllink2 STEEM + booming upvote
@hammad44link2 STEEM + booming upvote

Thank you all for participating. You will shortly receive your prizes.

 6 months ago 

I am missing your posts and I am sure that it is not only me!

 6 months ago 


I miss my all Steem buddies.

It's me again @event-horizon

I was wondering: did you give up on Steemit? :(

 6 months ago 

Congratulations to all 🏆🏆 winners

Mam😍🥰, Thank you very much for selecting me for the highest position🤩

 6 months ago 

Awh thank you!!! It is appreciated! 🎕
Congratulations to all those who entered and well done to all the winners!

 6 months ago 

Oooo thnk u so much for selecting me....feeling like a student who got position in class😊 ... congratulation to all the winners

 6 months ago 

Congratulations to all deserving winners.

congratulations to all winners 💝

 5 months ago 

Hello madam
You must know me. I recently ran multiple accounts. It has been one year. I want to work on it again now. Can I work again now?

 6 months ago 

Congratulations 👏🎉 all dear winer

Hi @event-horizon

Somehow these photo contests create a kind of motivation in our blockchain, and I say this not only for professional photographers, but also this kind of contests catches the attention of amateurs or newbies and that's positive. With 6 winners there will be much more motivation, thanks for this.

Upvote on the way.

@event-horizon mam😍, I got 1st in this contest. I got booming but didn't get the other prize. Please I would be benefited if you look into this matter😍🥰.

 6 months ago 


@event-horizon mam😍, I had several pay-outs that day that I didn't understand. I am sorry for my mistake😐😐.

 6 months ago 

congratulatons to all the winners of this contest

aww thanks alottt!!!!
congrates guyzzzz>>>>

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