CONTEST | Monster - Out Of The Box - 25 Steem/UVF

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Out Of The Box

Are you an Entertainer
do you think
Out Of The Box
make people Laugh, Cry for Joy?
if so
is meant for you



Create/show/describe in a post your Monster


Think out of the box


• Post in the community knack4buzz - @hive-135004

Original content written by you
No AI generated text

• Minimum of words: -
Add a description and an English translation if needed, make yourself visible

• No plagiarism

• Mention your sources

• Club status: -
All entertainers are welcome!

• Title: -

• Upvote + resteem this post

• Invite 3 Steemians
no curators, moderators, mentors

• Read at least 3 other entries, comment + upvote
Not supportive? You can't win.

• First tags - #entertainment #outofthebox

• Bonus: A funny entry

• Deadline: payout of this post



15 Steem + 10 Steem in UVF

paid by me or @hive-169911

#1 | 6 Steem + 3 UVF (9 Steem)
#2 | 5 Steem + 2 UVF (7 Steem)
#3 | 3 Steem + 1 UVF (4 Steem)

Best Commenter: 1 Steem + 1 UVF

Bonus (most funny entry): 4 UVF

UVF (@upvotefund) is an investment. The more you have the higher your daily upvote.


Header/Photogrid: Canva
I am a mobile phone user only

I upvote comments and (good) entertaining stories. @hive-169911 is my hive (community). I will grow its SP to upvote stories only. Please, do NOT post in it!
If you wrote something good you can tag me, original (no AI-written) stories/tales only. You do not need to join a club to be read and upvoted and you can post wherever you like. I suggest the freewriters or @hive-107855 the Dream Steem. Use the tag # story
Happy Writing @wakeupkitty

CC @disconnect

#entertainment #contest #burnsteem25 #creativity #steemexclusive #kittywu #club75



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