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The arrangement of the application is as follows,

  1. Introduction to Community
  2. Community Team
  3. Community Curation Account
  4. Plagiarism & Abuse
  5. Plans & Updates
  6. External Promotion
  7. Does your community have a strong enough message to attract people to Steem?

1. Introduction to Community

Steem Sri Lanka is the only active country-based community for Sri Lankan members. We are managing the community with the following objectives,

  • Influencing new entrance for making quality blogs and actively use steemit as a social media
    Making social media experience more realistic by keeping in touch with other Sri Lankans
  • Giving a better reward for hardworking and unique content creators all over the steemit
  • Bringing the benefits of STEEM to the world out of the computer

Even though it is based on Sri Lankan context, it is completely open for everyone who makes unique, creative real-life blogs with better quality.

Some basic stats

Factor , last 7 daysStat
Number of posts130
Number of booming votes21
Average # comments at the 7th day16
Plagiarism cases1
Number of posts curated by community curator280
Owned SP of community curator account25,678.63 SP
Delegations to community curator account186,972.35 SP
Total effective SP212,150.34 SP

2. Community Team

I did a change of community team this month. I swapped moderators @sandu and @sandupi with @rasinkani and @imanthadd to share leadership opportunities with new faces.

Admins and mods are not paid in terms of STEEM/SBD or beneficiary from the community curator account.

3. Community Curation Account

@steem-sri.lanka is our community curator account. Basic SP details are available in the table under section 1.


Are all the post rewards powered up, or are they used for paying delegators or members of the community team?
We don't get enough STEEM weely as author rewards to pay for delegators. Currently, we are getting around 450 SP as weekly curation rewards. We return 80% of that to delegators based on their delegated amount.

We power up all author rewards. But to pay for delegators we power down 9% of SP (~500 SP x 4) for pay delegators. It happens every Sunday and after paying delegators, we power up the rest of STEEM available in the wallet.

4. Plagiarism & Abuse

Steem Sri Lanka is a plagiarism-free community. We are keen on reward farming, multiple accounts, plagiarism, spamming and meaningless content. When we figure out a new poster we check his behavior and history to make sure whether we are not feeding the wrong person. This process made our community spam-free and full of attractive articles.

@sandupi and @sandu work with new moderators for hunting for plagiarism and we decide actions after a team discussion.

We independently research newly joining members to verify their behavior in steemit is legit.

5. Plans & Updates

Steem Scholarship Program

We officially started our experimental program to provide scholarship in terms of STEEM to university students. Under that, we choose a medical student, @pushpa99 who is now got the opportunity to collect money to purchase his academic stethoscope using STEEM. He will purchase his stethoscope soon, once his new academic year starts.

Steem Sri Lanka Anniversary

We could have our 1st anniversary on 12th September 2021 with a virtual meetup. It is the third time we organized a virtual meetup and there were 34 members who joined via Zoom. It was evidence to show member's enthusiasm for the community.

T-Shirt distribution

We decided to distribute STEEM printed t-shirts among member. This is happening for the first time in SL, as there was no any steem t-shirt project here before. All the things are ready but due to the lockdown, we can't purchase enough materials. We will print and distribute t-shirts and start some social media campaigns on a t-shirt after the lockdown ends.


Our charity events are running same time even though with travel restrictions. The charity fund is running with members' beneficiaries. Charity events continuously supporting people with financial difficulties and social needs. Please refer this to know latest stats of sl-charity.

Steem Sri Lanka Steem Promotion

This program is ongoing and members are actively using their creativity and abilities to bring the message of steem to the world. More details will be discussed under section .

Entrepreneur Aid Program

We have seen members have their own small business initiatives that needs business capitals. For example, STEEM aided this member to start her small scale business. As same as we support university students, we are now planning on providing capital support to small-scale businesses.

6. External Promotion

If you check my recent stats on active posters in SL you'll see the number of members has dramatically increased during the last 2 months. Steem SriLanka has initiated a program to encourage members to bring the message of steem to the outside.

Recently, @ashen99 inroduced us a t-shirt template and the team completely okay with to spend money to print and distribute this T-Shirt. @roshipeiris who is having her own craft business had created and displayed a steem logo embedded wall hanging with details about steemit. @dilshan96 had designed a broacher and distributed it among his friends and co-workers. I believe that the best social media influence can be received via tik tok now-a-days. @imanthadd proposed a Tik Tok promotion on steem and he is working to make it happen. Also @chathux is working on promoting steemit on his facebook page with 100 000 followers.

More than everything, direct contact causes to bring more people in. @thimira, @saman88 and @rwankumara are coordinating both online and phisical sessions to educate people on steemit.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-19 at 2.24.20 PM.jpeg

7. Does your community have a strong enough message to attract people to Steem?

Yes. Steem Sri Lanka has built the foundation to newly join SL members to survive. They know they have a place to stay in steemit. When I first join, I was totally demotivated because I had no similar group. But now, Steem Sri Lanka has made the base to others to join and survive with a payout.

Wrapping Up

Steem Sri Lanka is working hard to improve the quality of steemit platform, enhancing member engagement, increasing investments and also returning best to the members. We want to see steemit as a high-quality platform with the highest trust ranking. Also to give a better life to our members. We highly willing to see some increase of community support, because we need to give the best support to initiatives we have started and deal better with the increasing number of members.

If you missed it, please watch our anniversary celebration video:

Thank you


Steem Sri Lanka has done so many things within one year... so we were able to celebrate a excellent First anniversary... Really happy about that... All the members are doing well and SSL has a great journey with our valuable members. Good luck SSL.❤️

Glad to be a part of SSL ♥️

I am glad to be a part of our community team. Let’s grow more and more with quality contents❤️.

We could do more things during the recent time especially together with our anniversary. hope we can do more in the next month with the experiences and potentials of the members in the SSL. ❤😍
Good Luck!

We are always on a way of enhancing the status of our wonderful community...... Let's do more...

I'm really glad to be part of steem sri lanka community. The support we get from the community is really appreciated. I met lots of good people from this community with interacting with their posts and ideas. The contents available here is filled with lots of knowledge and experience. 👌

Currently I'm working as a moderator of SSL. We try our best to keep our community consist of original content. All the members are delicated to work hard and make our community successful.🥳

In this article is is clearly mentioned the objectives of this community. I totally agree with it. I'm really glad to be part of this. ❤️

We are growing day by day..! 😍 I'm so glad to be a part of SSL family. ❤️

Proud to be a part of this community and hope it will grow day by day🤗 Let's do our best for this😊

That's a really good video!

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Come and visit Italy Community

As a community we are in a great level... We work together to achieve our community goals while promoting steemit among the society... Im really happy to be a member of this family... ❤❤❤

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