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Hello Steemers!

I’m Imantha from Sri Lanka. It’s been 7 months since I have joined this steemit platform. I understood the potential of this platform and hugely benefiting using it. As a university student, I learned a lot of things from this platform and earned some money. It was huge support for me because of the personal and educational needs that could be fulfilled from this.


I won 4th place for #spup4steem July 2021. It was a huge milestone for me in my steemit journey. So I truly believe that we have to grow with the platform at the same time benefiting from it. Both these things should be parallel.


Kiwiscanfly's Post

I got to know about this platform because @rasinkani told me about this. Otherwise, I will not be able to find out without any help. So I truly believe that promoting the platform for interested parties is a good thing for them as well as for the platform.

Social media is a very powerful tool these days. There are a lot of social media platforms. But recently, Tiktok has become the most downloaded short video social media platform in the world. Since I already had a TikTok account, I decide to promote the steemit platform through TikTok. For the moment, I posted 3 promo videos and I hope to post more videos regularly to find out new users. If they reach me through TikTok, I can lead them to open an account and get started.

IMG_7986 (1) (1).jpg

TikTok Promo Video 1

TikTok Promo Video 2

TikTok Promo Video 3

Steemit is a great way to reduce our time on Facebook and other social media platforms and do something effective for us. So I hope my effort will be effective.

Thank you for reading!


 2 years ago 

Really good job brother. Very well posted. I have selected your post for Promo-Steem Social media Project. Now I will share on Twitter social media to promote.


Thank you very much for your appreciation brother. I am glad you shared it on other social platforms also. Great work👌

Seriously! 😯 wow 🤩
As you said, yes this reduced my time on Fb and I could add value to my time. ❤️ This is better than that 😍

Yeah. My idea is also the same. Lets hope many people will follow this trend. 👌

Good work for promoting 💖. It is true this platform is better to share our knowledge.

Yes my dear. You are correct. I hope you also will do something for promoting this amazing platform.

Yes.. sure.

You are very active doing everything and also very creative you also have funny videos on tiktok. good luck to you friend😊

Thank you very much for your appreciation.

 2 years ago 

You are doing great work for promoting steem and steemit. I have selected your post to share on social media platform for promotional activity. I have share it on my Twitter account.

I really appreciate it. Keep up your good work my friend.👌

It's a good work 😍 thank you for the effort. Catching tik toks. I shared one of them in my whatsapp status 🙊 hope you are okay with it

I shared one of them in my whatsapp status.

Wow. I never expected this kind of positive feedback. Thank you for the encouragement. 👌

Thank you for your work.

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You're welcome and I'm happy to be a part of this.👌

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Thank you very much.👌

Good work malli....Happy to see it on promo....

Thank you ayye.

You've made this videos in a very creative and attractive way🤗 It's a nice work actually.

Anyone who joins with the steemit, will be so happy and understand the real worth on it as we are. ❤️😍

Thank you for your appreciation. I also hope so.

Tik tok is a nice way to promote steemit. Good decision brother 💪

Yes. Tiktok is very famous these days. I think it will help.

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