SFS | Steemit Engagement Challenge - S8W5 || Funny Incident during a Party or any Event

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Hello everyone, we are here to share the contest for week 5 engagement challenge season . Week 4 of the engagement challenge was fun and many users shared their views about the impacts of fashion trends on society. We appreciate all user's efforts and choose the best used as a winner in week 4.



Contest Theme

There are a lot of incidents in our daily routine to remember those moments make us happy. Some pictures remember the most happiest moment of life, some saddest and some funniest moment. So, in this contest you have to share any funny incidents which happen with you in any events, party or elsewhere.

Elaborate that moment in a funny way and get a chance to win this week engagement challenge. You can use 2 to 3 photos but picture must of good quality and clear. Try be creative and share interesting incidents. For instance make up of women melt due to eating on an event or due to very hot weather, or tddlers destroy the enjoyment on an event due to their naughty gestures and many more.



  • Post must be written in the Steem fashion & style community. Subscribe to our community and follow our official community account @hive-126193.

  • Post should be written by users with the following club status - #club5050, #club75, or #club100.

  • All country members are allowed. You can write your post in any language.
    - Plagiarism will not be supported. (Content must be steemexclusive).

  • The Title of the Post should be Steemit Engagement Challenge-S8W5 | Funny Incident during a party or any event.

  • The tags are, #steemfashionstyle-s8w5, #sfs-funny, #engagementchallenge others tags are like your country as Pakistan, club status as club100, and #steemexclusive.

  • Post should be at least 300 words. Try to be unique and original. The images must be copyright free and should be sourced as well.

  • Invite your 3 friends to participate in our contest. Upvote and Redeem the contest post so that more users participate in this and upvote.

  • Share your participation link under the comment section of this post.

  • Contest will start at 00:00 (UTC) Monday 27 March 2023, and end at 23:59 (UTC) Sunday 2 April 2023.



10 Steem power can be rewarded for top 3 winners each week. You can also get support from Sc01/Sc02 but votes are not guaranteed. Wish you all the best for engagement challenge season 8 week 5.



Steem Fashion & Style Team

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 last year 

Buen tema para esta semana 😍 creo que deben modificar el título ya que corresponde la semana 5 Challenge amigos .

Estate presentando mi entrada próximamente para divertirme y que se diviertan con mis fotografías. Saludos y buen día 😃

 last year 

Thank you so much for correction. Looking forward for your participation.

 last year 

Its really fantastic topic, waiting for incredible entries

 last year 

Very interesting and amazing contest 👍. Hope to see many entries and me too prepare my entry ☺️. Greatest opportunity for everyone to describe a funny Incident during a Party or any Event.

Thanks 🙏

 last year 

Very interesting challenge especially about Funny Incident during a Party or any Event,
🙏 SFS | Steemit Engagement Challenge - S8W4 Or SFS | Steemit Engagement Challenge - S8W5 Now.
Keep the spirit up ✍️

 last year 

Thank you for correction dear. Looking forward for your participation.

 last year 

Another interesting one

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