@Art-Venture photographer Showcase: @sawyn. The Steem payout of post will go to the Artist.

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Tomasz Sławiński @sawyn




Hello dear Steemians,


We are back today with our new post and as always we bringing up some of you our friends who still staying on Steem and posting. There are many professional Artists and Photographers among you and you do not care what kind of battle happening between Steem or Hive or what conspiracy and blaming.

But what majority of people on both side do they would like to share their thoughts, their Art and their Photography.



Game of Thrones - @sawyn


Today we have decided to introduce @Sawyn or Tomasz Slawinski seeing his account on Steemit it is very simple, he joined Steemit in 2018 and his amazing photography that he is posting have payout of in average bellow $1.00 but also he has not much Steem Power.




Trenner groß.png


Therefore we would like to tell you why you should support @sawyn


  • Because he is an active user and posting regular, Steem and Steemit because his dairy where he shares his thoughts and plans, his beautiful pictures. He is not cross posting in HIVE, he remained on Steem




  • He is very creative, living in Norway you can see his love to Northern heritage, the photography reflects passion to Vikings he likes to pose himself as Viking and those shots are our favourite.




  • The love to nature and ability to reflect that beauty in snow covered hills, mountains and even water that usually find its way through. On other hand sometimes the combination of snow and polar lights or Aurora just takes a breath away






  • Also another favourite is the colourful houses along the coast with mandatory reflection in water. Just perfect!




If you agree with us and think that @sawyn deserves your and community support please show it and leave some nice comments. We all like to hear nice words about the work we have done and his work is extraordinary and deserves our attention.




Trenner groß.png




Wishing you good and healthy week!

@stef1 and @myskye


I appreciate your creativity, dear @art-venture!
@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


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Thank you @amico for your support and it is not first time you adding you bit to support those undervalued Steemians. Really appreciate your help!

My pleasure, mate!
Resteemed 😜

Wauw we really have talent here at Steem! Thanks for showcasing the art and STEEM ON!!

Vote For Ciska to be your witness

Thank you @ciska for stopping by and it is nice to see your opinion. There are many talented people around and many of them have no idea what is happening behind the scene on Steem now. I will check up your statement :)

You are absolutely welcome and the pleasure is mine! I agree communication is an issue at the moment, but we are working on that part! I will personally make sure everyone will be informed. Stay tuned and STEEM ON!

He has a very good eye on taking beautiful photos plaus that face art of his as well @art-venture :D

He has indeed, it is a sense that people are born with and also a lot of fantasy, thank you for supporting our project @cryptopie!

Many thanks !!!

Welcome, it was a pleasure to the presentation :)

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