Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 101 !!!

in #portraitcontest5 years ago (edited)

Hello friends - today I put my selfie in the next photo competition!!!
#portraitcontest and another challenge in black and white photography with my face and an idea for a Viking man. The idea came from some time ago, I planned to do something else and at the same time check the setting of the lamps. Face painting took me a lot of time because I was doing it for the first time and I also tested on myself paints for painting - sometimes a man from boredom begins to invent.


Good luck!!!



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Many Thanks !!!

This is such a cool portrait!

Thank you !!! I am not a makeup master but I really tried.

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Congratulations @sawyn , Keep up the great work!

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superb job,

I really like this one

Many Thanks!!! Sometimes I can do a good selfie .

Hi, @sawyn!

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Wow, I love the picture and of course the portrait

Excellent one, @sawyn :)


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