Hi Tomasz, that is great outfit and that is something all Nordic nations have in common, I can remember the famous Scottish warrior William Wallace who was presented in "Braveheart".

We appreciate your beautiful works and we wanted to give you something back, therefore there is a showcase of you and your works with links to your sites and blog, the Steem payout of the post will go to you.

Thank you for sharing your professional and casual life with us on Steemit :)

I love to experiment on myself, so set up lamps in my home studio. Man learns his whole life. Many thanks!!!

By hte way, what we also noticed you have not joined any community yet, nowadays the curation mostly happening withing the community, there are many of them try following, also you need to click subscribe and post via their page that is everything within Steemit:

World of Xpilar;

"Whale power":

It is worht to try :)

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