Announcement of the winners Art Contest "Visualize your dreams!" by @ARTSteemit. Prize - 30 Steem!

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Visualize your dreams!

Hi friends!

Today I am pleased to announce the winners of the contest "Visualize your dreams!".

I am glad that you approached the task creatively and told us about your dreams and desires! Thank you all for your participation!

Friends, I read your amazing stories about your dreams and it was very sensitive. It was very difficult for me to choose the winners, because we all dream of being happy, joyful, having success ...

I would like to remind you that you should carefully read the rules of the contest. Some of them didn't follow the rule of at least 300 words (for this contest), so unfortunately I couldn't choose you as the winner.

Now let's congratulate the winners!

1st place - two winners!

@heedysguevara visualized her dreams through creative art drawing and told us what the individual elements of her drawing mean


@bristy1 talked about her dream of meeting a loved one


2nd place

He told about his dream to visit the most beautiful place on the planet!


@greatketty wrote a funny story about the desire to have a big family)


3rd place

@vrein dreams of happiness. Let it come true!


@medytalents told us about her dreams and the path that led her to art and drawing.


The author's sympathy prize (1 Steem) is received by @pegarissimo @rezky-f @strecoza @isratmim @onyechi @rasel72


Congratulations to the winners!

New art contest and new challenge will be announced tomorrow!!

I thank the Steem team @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemingcurators for their support!!




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Strange, I registered there, but I can't insert a picture...I can only send text messages.

It takes a few hours before they add the “add image” button ... they want to make sure you are not a robot ... post a few text messages and comments ....

I will follow you there also .... and give you some BitcoinCash tips as soon as they replenish my tip jar

What is your user name there ?

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Thank you for the information! I just got a button to insert pictures! ) I subscribed to you )

@offgridlife, could you tell us how the platform works Please share your tips on how to be successful on noise. cash? How many posts can I post, how many likes can I put?

Hmmm.... it looks like they are just in the process of changing how it works so I’m not sure at the moment.

@offgridlife, thank you very much for your response. Today we have already published the rules not to write spam.

Congratulations to the winners. Creativity in the making.

Que felicidad gracias por el apoyo!

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