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Top posts of the week

It's always a great idea to promote and highlight all those posts that we really enjoyed reading. This past week this community has grown a lot, not only in the amount of subscribers (which we are really happy for) but also we have seen some great content being shared and that's what makes us the happiest!

We have not taken into account all those posts that were done for any of the contests we're running and we also try to encourage all new and regular users to be promoted in this section!

This is our selected picks from this week, which went from October 25th till November 1st.

Here's our top picks for you:

In this post, @leonardoalma talks about what's karma, our inner self, the law of attraction and so many other interesting topics... It's a truly interesting topic to read that will allow you to get an insight of our spiritual world. I seriously think you shouldn't miss this out!

In this opportunity, @germani34 shared a great creative writing of his own. This story tells about how being in the middle of the forest can feel like being in your own mind... it's has some interesting thriller moments that make it really worth reading!

These times have been particularly weird and stressful for all of us, so this article about the importance of conscious breathing and how to do it properly is quite helpful and worth reading (and watching!). Thank you for sharing, @belenguerra! :)

This week @zhanavic69 shared with us a a writing of her own, it's a love story that has a tragic ending. The loss of our loved ones is something that it gets pretty hard to get through, so thank you @zhanavic69 to write about this, it's really moving!

This week @dilshan96 shared with us a great review on a sci-fi and thriller serie, "the 100". It's surely is an interesting series to watch, it's about how's the future after a nuclear war in which the earth and every human being are destroyed...

In this great article, @vivekagrawal shared with us some tips on how to have a successful interview. It might seem as something easy at first, but this tips will take your interview to another level. Definitely worth reading if you're on the look for a new position!

This time, @joseph1956 shared with us a creative writing that's part of a novel he has written. It's really interesting to see how you can get to know the character, as this is really catchy and nice to read. Thank you for sharing, Joseph!

In this creative writing, @mariamarquezvox talks about how following the right users in the different social media we use it's vital. They play an important role in our lives lately and it's important to be aware of what type of content you're consuming out of it...

@stive1 shared with us a a review of one of Terminator's movies: Dark Fate. He gives a pretty interesting insight and analysis about this movieand this review is worth taking a look at! Thank you for this!

For this week, @johnion shared with us a a beautiful writing about happiness and how it can be found in different sources, according to our own personal interests! Thank you for sharing!

That's it for this week!

We really hope that you enjoy this special post about our top picks! Don't miss any of this posts, take a look at them and let us know if you liked them!

Thank you all for sharing with us, it means a lot to see all the engangement with this community!
And of course, we also want to thank @steemcurator01 for encouraging us from the very first moment!
Lots of love,
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¡muchas gracias por la mención!

Thank you @fendit, I tried to learn from this steemit community

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Me encantó!! Geniales las publicaciones! Felicitaciones a todos!!

@fendit it feels good when you get recognition for your work.. thanks for the mention...

Hello, grateful to be on your list, although it was for something sad but it is a reality that we never want to accept...

Until another writing...

@fendit Thanks for choosing my post ..
all the best .

It will be useful...

a) if you leave a comment on the posts you select - then if we find them through them other routes we can give them extra votes

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Thank you

The Steemit Team

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Sure, we'll take into account this!! Thank you @steemcurator01! :)