Steemit Engagement Challenge Season3 Week #1 |All About My Job

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Contest Background
As you know, the hot news community has been selected as the community for the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 3. This opportunity is very valuable for the community and all members to contribute to the development of this platform in the future and for this we thank the steemit team for their trust and support for the Hot News Community.

We hope that through the contest we hold will increase the participation of steemians around the world, where we can share various themes that are expected to increase knowledge and also friendship through this platform.
For the first week, we chose the contest theme “All About My Job”.

Contest Theme: All About My Job

We chose the theme of this week's contest with the tagging #lifestyle where we think this theme has a wide reach so that it is hoped that many steemians in various countries can follow.

Everyone has exciting activities to tell according to their respective professions. In this contest you are expected to tell about your routine activities, whatever your profession, be it teacher, doctor, student, even a housewife and various other professions.

But the important point of the contest is that every participant will share its own activity. Original content is very much important.

Highlight the following topic/Points in this contest

You are free to be creative in telling daily activities in your profession and make posts as good as possible. As a help maybe you can tell some things like the following:

  1. What are your daily tasks at your place of work or your daily activities?
  2. What is the biggest obstacle you have ever experienced while doing this activity?
  3. What is your greatest hope in the future related to your activities?
Mandatory Rules to Follow
  • Must be posted in the Hot News Community

  • Write in any relevant language

  • Write at least 300 words

  • Use a maximum of 8 recent original photos of your own (because of your work, photos from the internet are not allowed)

  • Join #club5050 #club75 or #club100 as the main requirement

  • Plagiarism is not allowed so it will automatically be disqualified which means the post must be #steemexclusive

  • Use the post title “Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W1|All About My Job : Your Title Post

  • Use the tag #hotnews-s3w1 #lifestyle #yourcountry among your first 5 tags

  • Include map as your activity location

  • Participants are not allowed to use any auto-vote services

  • Paste your contest post link in this post for easy search

  • Upvote and resteem this post so that more people know about it

  • Mention at least 3 other users

  • Actively comment on other engagement participants from various communities that are included in the engagement community

  • Put your Steemit Engagement Contest link in other communities in the end of your post.

  • The participation time is between Monday, July 18th, 2022, 00:00 UTC to Sunday, July 25th, 2022, 23:59 UTC.

Grading of entries:

The grading of all the entries will be done according to this pattern, the more score you get the more support you will get.

Verification DateMonth Date, Year
O'clock00.00 PM/ AM
Get Upvotes0
Valid Comments from Other Users0
Club Status✅or❌2
Plagiarism free✅or ❌1
#steemexlusive✅or ❌1
Free bots✅or ❌1
Markdown style2
Quality content3
Total Score10
Club Status Verification PeriodMonth Date to Month Date, Year
Transfer to STEEM
Cash Out STEEM
CSI Vote00.00 (0.00 % self, 00 upvotes, 00 accounts, last 7d)

Determination of Club Status refers to the Web-based Application

Verefier's Development Notes

Contest Assessor

  1. We do not guarantee that every participant will be supported by steemcurator01 or steemcurator02
  2. The jury's decision cannot be contested
  3. The main hashtag for this contest search is #hotnews-s3w1

Conclusion and Expectations of the Contest

Participants can tell the daily activities in their respective professions as interestingly as possible which is expected to trigger readers to interact with the poster.

July, 17th 2022


The Hot News Community Team


Hello there, it's my profound wish to join this contest, but the obstacle is the photo requirements. Please is it mandatory to post the photos before i can be eligible for the contest? I think the most necessary requirement is quality content that is well written. If it's mandatory, then all well and good!

 7 months ago 

Saya ingin berpartisipasi dalam kontes ini

 7 months ago 

Terimakasih telah berpartisipasi, sukses selalu buat kamu 👍👍👍

 7 months ago 

Saya suka dengan kontes tersebut pak

 7 months ago 

What a contest! let's compete mate .

 7 months ago 

Semoga bisa ikut berpartisipasi dalam kontes ini, sukses selalu untuk hot news comunity

 7 months ago 

This is awesome!

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 18th July 2022 – Win 700+ STEEM

Follow & Resteem for more updates.
#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

 7 months ago 

Semoga bisa ikut berpartisipasi di kontes dengan tema yang menarik ini.

 7 months ago 

Terimakasih, ditunggu partisipasinya 👍

 7 months ago 

Que es estilo de descuento ?

 7 months ago 

Hello @mile16 , Sorry we didn't get this question. More details will allow us Serve you better.

 7 months ago 

Hola amigos, por aquí mi participación. Saludos y bendiciones 🙏,espero sea noticia

This contest is nice, it will attract steemiains all over the community to participate.

 7 months ago 

Hope you can also participate in this contest

 7 months ago 

Muchas gracias por la invitación !


 7 months ago 

¡Saludos amigos! Por acá les comparto mi participación en la dinámica:

I can wait to drop my first entry on this week one challenge of season 3.

I have never came accross this community and I'm grateful because I got to know through this engagement challenge and will be participating too.

 7 months ago 

Thank you, we also can't wait for your participation in this contest

 7 months ago 

excelente trabajo amigos de

Estaré preparando mi entrada para esta dinámica enla cual seguramente tendremos mucho que decir.


Interesting contest topic you have provided, as such it will be generally convenient to write about. But one quick question

By saying this

Put your Steemit Engagement Contest link in other communities in the end of your post.

Do you mean we should include the entry link of your community contest in other engagement community entries a the end of every engagement contest we participate in.

Greetings and blessings

 7 months ago 

It means that if you have participated in the s3w1 engagement contest in another community, please attach a link to your post in our contest

What if yours was the first before others

 7 months ago 

OK, I'll try😂

 7 months ago 

Contest yang sangat menarik, semoga saya bisa mengikutinya:)
Berbagi kisah mengalaman kerja dan belajar di negeri orang

 7 months ago 

Me encanta el nombre de la comunidad y una noticia caliente será cada trabajo de cada usuario. Espero pronto hacer mi entrada. Saludos

 7 months ago 

Thank you. We are waiting for your entry...

Preparare mi entrada a este concurso para hablarles acerca de mi dia a dia laboral

 7 months ago 

We will be eagerly waiting...

 7 months ago 

Buenas equipo de la comunidad hot news, veo que a pesar que no tienen muchas participaciones no están verificando las publicaciones en el tiempo que emitió Steemitblog, mi publicación ya tiene 12 horas y aún no la han visto.


Por favor verifiquen mi publicación lo antes posible ya que deberían hacerlo en menos de 2 horas y no entiendo si no hay tantas entradas porque tardan tanto tiempo 12 horas.


 7 months ago (edited)

Hello @arnoldog25, thank you for dropping your contest entry, we appreciate and we would look into it.

However, i'll advice that you EXERCISE PATIENCE, if you checked from the first entry to the ones close to your link.., you will agree with me that they have all been reviewed.

What does that entails?

We are working !!, and we would still get to your turn.

The moderators time zone differs, and there is what is call rest, sometimes some are at night while others are in the daytime...

Some experience Network difficulties....all these could contribute to delay. Remain calm and have patience.

We are reviewing all posts and your post will be reviewed. Stop Complaining.Exercise patience.

 7 months ago 

Hola amigo, entiendo sobre los horarios y todo lo que expones, pero son 12 horas.

Me alegra que está repuesta si fué rápida y contundente.

Agradezco tú consejo de la paciencia, lo tomaré en cuenta pero UD también debe reconocer que 12 horas es bastante.

Saludos y feliz día

 7 months ago 
 7 months ago 

Buenas!!!! por aquí mi entrada

Great ❤ ...please keep support me so i will back u fast ❤

 7 months ago 

Really interesting, my is droping soon

 7 months ago 

Thank you dear community for this contest idea. I have taken part in this contest and here is my entry link

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