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SEC S5-W5: My Corner

Hot News Community as the chosen community as the organizer of the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 5 will hold a contest every week.

Contest Background

We are delighted to have been selected during this new season of Engagement challenge season 5. We want to use this opportunity to welcome you all to our Hot News Community.

In fourth week's contest, we saw the enthusiasm of steemians to participate which caused a positive impact on the community and of course we hope it will also be useful for users with increased activity and also the opportunity to get more rewards in the future.

We really appreciate the efforts of the participants in adapting the theme of this diary (News Diary Game) to make it more valuable to read.

We hope that through the contest we hold, it will increase the participation of steemians who are not only in terms of making contest posts but also interacting with other users in sharing various interesting themes.

In the fifth week we again held a contest with the theme My Corner. In accordance with the Hot News Community profile, contestants are expected to make an article as if they were a contributor or columnist from a mass media in charge of making articles that will be published by the media company (eg Hot News Magazine).

Contest Theme: My Corner

This is in accordance with the Hot News Community profile which presents information and hot news on the steemit platform. And as an example you can use post formats like mylocalnews by @pennsif or The Interview Showcase and Situation Report by @ubongudofot and other formats.

Your task is to make a post in the form of an article with a free theme (eg news coverage, news report, recipe article, sports article, etc.).

Highlight the following topic/Points in this contest

You are free to choose the theme you will write for your article. But it must be remembered that you are as if you are a journalist who has to make an article that will be published by Hot News Magazine.

Mandatory Rules to Follow
  • Write an article in any language with a free theme (eg news coverage, news report, recipe article, sports article, etc.).
  • Each poster is only allowed to enter this contest once a week.
  • Write at least 300 words
  • Use original photos of your own or another photo that is free of copyright by mentioning the source
  • Join #club5050 #club75 or #club100 as the main requirement
  • Plagiarism is not allowed so it will automatically be disqualified which means the post must be #steemexclusive
  • Use the post title “SEC S5W5: My Corner : Your Title Post
  • Use the tag #hotnews-s5w5 #news #yourcountry among your first 5 tags
  • Participants are not allowed to use any auto-vote services
  • Paste your contest post link in this post for easy search
  • Upvote and resteem this post so that more people know about it
  • Mention at least 3 other users
  • Actively comment on other engagement participants from various communities that are included in the engagement community
  • Put your Steemit Engagement Contest link in other communities in the end of your post.
  • The participation time is between Monday, Nov 07th, 2022, 00:00 UTC to Sunday, Nov 13th, 2022, 23:59 UTC.
Grading of entries:

The grading of all the entries will be done according to this pattern, the more score you get the more support you will get.

Status Club
🟢 or 🔴
Plagiarism Free
🟢 or 🔴
🟢 or 🔴
Bot Free
🟢 or 🔴
300 Words
🟢 or 🔴
Markdown Style
Quality Content
Total Score
Voting CSI[ 00.0 ] ( 0.00 % self, 00 upvotes, 00 accounts, last 7d )

Determination of Club Status refers to the Web-based Application

Verification Date
Month Date, Year
O'clock00.00 AM/PM
Get Upvote0
Valid Comments from Other Users0
Development Notes from Verifier.

Contest Assessor

  1. We do not guarantee that every participant will be supported by steemcurator01 or steemcurator02
  2. The jury's decision cannot be contested
  3. The main hashtag for this contest search is #hotnews-s5w5

November, 06th 2022


The Hot News Community Team

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 3 months ago 

I liked your way of telling the events. I wish you more progress and success

 3 months ago 

Dotes reporteriles estaremos expresando tal cual si fuéramos los propios periodistas. Interesante concurso.

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 3 months ago 

Hola amigos de esta comunidad de noticias.
Interesante tema a realizar esta semana 5. Vendrán muchas buenas informaciones que cubrirán en los medios de magazine

 3 months ago 
 3 months ago 

Sacaré mi lado editora de revista♥️ pensaré que estoy en mi despacho, espero aprueben mi artículo jajaja saludos

 3 months ago 

oke. itu menarik mari kita lihat saat kamu jadi jurnalis. wkwk

 3 months ago 
 3 months ago 
 3 months ago 
 3 months ago 

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