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  • Yesterday we have reached over 40 000 SP (today we have exactly 40 405 SP)! 11 430 SP was gained by the community account and the rest comes from you - our delegators. Thank you very much for every single delegation. Thanks to you, we are able to reward you with higher upvotes. Our next goal is 45 000 SP which we are dreaming to achieve before the march. How do you think, will be able to do it?

  • We have currently 3 active contests organized by our community: Photo contest 19th Edition - The Perfect Day!, 15th Comment Contest and Travel contest 19th edition - Traveling for love

  • Please, read THIS POST where we explained what topics can be used in the Steem-Travelers community. Mentioned publication may inspire you to become more active in our group and can help you to increase the chance for booming support. If you are a new user or if you are not sure how to increase the chances for success, check also OUR TUTORIAL



Club100 "meugang" hereditary traditions of acehnese people, happiness and beautiful sharing

by @fantvwiki
Club100 Travel with Friends in fresh sea lake , Takengon, Central Aceh, Indonesia

by @fahmiam
Club5050 Traveling to 7 Bidadari Waterfalls : In the Interior of the Forest, Through the rocky path and mud

by @samsol003
Club5050 (ESP) El día perfecto! - Una playa, flores y mi mejor amiga

by @migueaml
Club5050 Twilight evening traveling for love at sea

by @alamgir833
Club5050 Going to Watch a Football Match

by @sohag27

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Congratulated all best publication member

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