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RE: November's Community of the Month Applications - Episode II

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#steembiodiversity, This community has just reopened. This community has opened @mdshanto. @mdshanto was banned 1 year ago. Then he opened a new account using the name @art-bangladesh And he opened #aroundtheworld community.

All steem power has been taken out from #aroundtheworld community. And closes the #art-bangladesh account. @mdshanto account has been launched And opened a new community again.

By launching these fake communities, they enjoy all the support themselves. Which did @mdshanto / @art-bangladesh 3-4 months ago with #aroundtheworld community.

In these communities, they themselves increase activity through multiple accounts. If they get community support, they will take all the support in their own account. There were more such communities in Bangladesh. Those who are currently out of work.

There is only one owner of these accounts.


Besides, new members from Bangladesh are constantly joining the new commers community. Those who do not post any more after posting achievement1.


Thank you for this information.

This is wrong information sir. We are inosent.Who is conspiring with us?

No one conspired here. Your community admin had another community And he ruined it. Has re-launched the community. See his proof. @mdshanto was also the Leader of the around the world community.

Same memo




Do unnecessary harassment by showing this nonsensical argument. First you know, then comment. This is a memo of a Steem Buyer, which is used by hundreds of users in Bangladesh to sell Steem Buy steem.

There are many accounts that sell with this memo. That means all the accounts are not his.

আপনি যদি ভোটার হয়ে থাকেন৷ অবশ্যই আপনার কোন এক্সচেঞ্জ সাইটে একাউন্ট রয়েছে। আপনি সরাসরি বায়ারের কাছে স্টীম ট্রান্সফার করতে পারবেন না৷ আপনি নিজস্ব binance ba poloniex একাউন্টে স্টীম নিয়ে পরবর্তীতে বায়ারের কাছে সেল করবেন৷ আমার যেটা বলেছি এটা সঠিক। আপনি না বুঝে কমেন্ট করতে আসবেন না।

@toufiq777 would you please tell me about my fault. This is my own account @mdriart. And don't have any others account. If you want I can prove it that it’s not any fake account.

I saw a post. There is a lot of information about your ID And I did not comment unnecessarily. I'm looking for the post. If I find the post, I will share it.

Okk. I'm waiting for your next reply dear. But I'm honestly saying that this is my original account. Then if you don’t trust it, you can contract me in video conference with any social messaging platform to identify me as fake or real.





Used the same binance account (@art-bangladesh, @mdshanto, @mdriart and @aroundtheworld community).

If you need admin community, you can take steem into your own account. But what is their relationship with you? Why is your binance account memo the same?

I don't have any binance account. This is why I use the memo to sell. Not only me, more user use the memo to sell their steem. That means not all the accounts are owned by one person. Please try to understand.

Here is all the information.

Now people use fake id by their brothers, sisters, friends It could be that he hired a man and talked to him in a video conference. Moreover, mdshanto has been caught using multiple accounts before.

Your art is doubtful. If you can, post a complete video of your art with your face. I want to see if you actually do art yourself? Because art-bangladesh also does good art. So my suspicion. Who actually does the art?

Hey donkey user, before you read and understand the information given by you, see the one whose account he has given proof of himself. You have harassed unnecessarily.

Hey donkey user

@mdshanto - I won't tolerate these kind of petty insults in my community. 1 more and you'll be muted.

@steemcurator01, @the-gorilla Sir I am drawing your attention. What happened to me was just a misunderstanding. Please tell me if I can continue working from this account. Because it's my own account. Considering the matter, I urge you to allow me to work.

I don't know what answer you're hoping for. Your community has a group of subscribers which doesn't exactly have the best track record on Steemit. And within a week of the community being set up, you think that it's worthy of steemcurator01 and booming support.

To me, that looks like a community created for your own self-serving group purpose. No more, no less. Whether you think a new profile will help is up to you - I'm assuming you won't need any help in creating it if this is the direction you choose to take.

I'm sorry for my abuse. But let me know if I can continue working with this account, Or create a new account.

Brother @toufiq777 Please tell us on the basis of any evidence, I am the owner of all members. Where everyone completes their Achievement1 post then constantly working on their own skills. Why are you harassing all the users there? Hopefully go with the answer.Why do you harass the rest of the users by being jealous of one.

You are a Country representative of our country, but many cannot tolerate you. Due to your bad behavior, it was decided to open more than one country community in one country. You fix your usage. Try to make the mind bigger without shrinking. Just stop giving support to nearby users. Gives opportunities to all users to develop their talents.

@toufiq777 @steemcurator01 my account woner is only me not mdshanto i have many proof of my account @shohoz if you need proof i will give you video verifaction

@toufiq777 and @steemcurator01 here is my video verification 😊 If this also does not prove the ownership of my account, you can at any time prove it to me via video call. Thank you.

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