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In recent years, online games have played an important role in an audience that takes time for distraction, and it is that the advancement of technology, the change in society, has led us to keep up with the requirements .

There are endless farm games, using different forms and technological resources, however, Heart Farms has been created with special purposes.The use that we give to our projects is directly related to the purpose, the vision that one has, we believe that this project that has begun with a land auction in Coast Esmeralda will be extended in a few months to a productive game for the whole family, and that in turn will be used in the real world to build physical projects and bless the earth.


On the other hand, we are open to all types of public, and we want many people to join not a game, but a vision of life.We know that not everyone is familiar with what HeartFarms is and will be, how to get a plot, pay it, etc., for this reason, I have compiled some blogs that will be of great help to everyone.

Author Blog

With these publications, you will have a guide for your journey that begins in:

You can watch videos for better understanding.

If you are a new Steemit user or simply want to know more about the organization and Ministry, you can consult our

HearChurch landing page.

Join our telegram channel

We cannot forget the benefits that we can obtain with these initiatives, not only in the virtual world but also in the real world, the family as a fundamental part of our vision is immersed in these types of activities, values ​​can be promoted from childhood in a virtual way, and Then in a real space, this is a great task for us in the project of children and families in Venezuela, the resources are available to everyone, we hope that technology will always be used with a good purpose: to leave the world better.

We officially welcome all people who want to participate in this beautiful initiative: individuals, families, ministries, organizations.

Websites of Interest.

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 3 years ago 

Thanks for working so well and faithfully for Heart Church!

This is a massive goal and a great one for the family. Although, I am not a lover of game but I am happy Heartchurch family has this and more to come.

Thank you ma for this wonderful building, may God bless you richly for this.

A great build for God's people. A beautiful paradise loading.

wow thank God this is really great at least we are moving greater and higher each day in these community, and i will not fail to also thank ma darlenys for making these place a little paradise on earth and interesting for all those that do participate here and here we asure that we are going to achieve a great massive goal here, congrate ma for making our farm lands large, may God bless you and you shall reap what you sow

Thank you sister Darlenys. I think that is what we are for, to build a better world, taking advantage of the benefits of cryptography and new technologies, Ministries and churches around the world will be able to sustain themselves and achieve that the impact on communities and people is more profound and significant. . This undoubtedly comes from God and with them all his blessings.

Isn't this an awesome experience knowing we could have a feel of paradise here on earth? Wonderful work my Apostle,keep up the faith.

Thank you for this great initiative. I just joined the telegram page, thanks for the link. I am a new user, so I will be reading through those blogs to guide me through, then I should be able to move

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