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Since it started less than two months ago, the Steemit Crypto Academy has grown significantly.

We have now reached almost 600 homework posts every week.

This has been putting quite a strain on the Professors to keep up with all the posts.

It is now a good time therefore to add to our team of Crypto Professors.

If you have been enjoying the weekly courses on the Steemit Crypto Academy and feel you would like to move up to next level this may be your opportunity.

The Steemit Crypto Professors

The primary task of a Crypto Professor is to produce each week a course post on a cryptocurrency / blockchain subject agreed between us.

Each of these weekly posts should also include a homework task for the students to practice and expand their knowledge of the topic.

The Professors are then expected to check, comment on and grade within two days all the homework posts submitted for their course. At present this is likely to be around 100 posts a week.

At the end of each week we ask the Professors to produce a summary post giving feedback on the homework responses submitted.

For all their hard work, the Professors are rewarded each week with generous upvotes from @steemcurator01 on their main course posts and their homework feedback posts.

They also receive small upvotes from @steemcurator02 on the feedback comments they leave on the students’ homework posts.

We are looking for two or three more Professors, ideally from countries that are not represented already.

Participation in the weekly homework tasks will also be one of the factors considered in the selection process.

How to apply to be a Professor

If you would like to be considered as a Steemit Crypto Professor you should make a post with the following information…

  • a summary of your experience on Steem, and other blockchains, and other relevant off-chain experience or qualifications (no more than 250 words)

  • a description of why you think you would be suitable to become a Steemit Crypto Professor (no more than 250 words)

  • an outline of the topics you would cover in a sample 5 week course suitable for newcomers to the crypto world (no more than 500 words)

  • links to your three best crypto related posts you have made on Steem

Application posts can be in any language, and should be published by 11pm UTC on Wednesday, March 31st.

Please include the tag #cryptoprofessor and put a link to your post in the comments below.

We plan to announce the new Steemit Crypto Professors in the first week of April.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team


This is a rare and great privilege I cannot take for granted. Thanks @steemitblog for this wonderful avenue.

I have written my application and the link to it is presented below;

Thank you.


 2 years ago 

@fredquantum, I'm looking forward for bright and clever people like you to assume that role. Best of luck

 2 years ago (edited)

Thank you, sir @xkool24. It's an honour to have your support and I promise to deliver my job effectively if given the chance to become a crypto professor at Steemit crypto academy. Thank you once again, sir.

This is a great and a wonderful opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge on crypto and Blockchain technology. Thanks for this opportunity once again.

Nice to see this engagement of the Steemit team.

Here's my application for Crypto Professor


Maybe we can also add assistant professor kind of thing to help those professors regarding comments,posting approvals.


Well said. I think with that assistant professor implementation, it can cover the gap of the huge task burden upon professors in regarding comments, posting approvals and others. I think @hassanabid make a good suggestion


Good morning! I have recently posted my professor application, please check here.

My application post
Application link

This is a great opportunity to some of us. I I would apply before Wednesday. Thanks so much for your great support!

You're really fitting for this job. The Ghana community needs a Professor.

This is an amazing initiative by the steemit team, steemit is indeed changing lives.

What a great opportunity you are offering us here is my participation

Thank you for your efforts, @steemitblog. But the way the steemit crypto academy community is growing, I think we need up to 20 Crypto Professors. The work load is too huge for even 10 Professors at the moment. I noticed that most posts are not reviewed and it is a great concern.

Most people get discouraged on the way. Please accommodate up to 20 Professors.

Thank you.

Que bonito post

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Here is my application to be professor!

Thanks a lot for your attention!

Alright, will work on it!


[WhereIn Android] (

Thank you for this rare opportunity
中文區部份 @abcallen 會申請

Wow ...... This is amazing
What a great opportunity.

Your post is very good and it is like it gained a lot of benefit at this time.


Dear @steemitblog the post is very helpful and excellent post. I also happy to you are now reached almost 600 homework posts every week it’s a best position of steemit.

Your ever

Thanks a lot for this opportunity @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

My application here:
Applying as a teacher for SteemitCryptoAcademy

Alejandro Aristeguieta
Junior Ambassador in Nutbox
CEO in Trading Capital

 2 years ago 
By increasing professors, homework tasks to be attended will increase further and therefore students attending lecturers will also increase, even if students won't increase, still homework posts written will increase by existing writers. Let me tell you how, suppose i as a writer attending homework tasks, used to write 5 posts out of 5 . When professors will increase I'll write 8 . Same is case with other writers. So the burden on existing professors is not lessened too much. May be it may reduce a bit just because all writer's don't attempt all posts. But i believe it won't be that much. So betrer is to recruiting competent assistant professors for each professor who will share checking so as to reduce burden on them.


buena idea serían como correctores aunque hay profesores que no cumplen con su trabajo, pero alguna solución puede haber , todo es posible en steemit. me gusto tu sugerencia pero si o si tienen que haber más profesores.

This initiative prompted me to talk more about cryptocurrencies on my blog

Muchas gracias por esta oportunidad. Aquí dejo el enlace a mi candidatura orientada a la comunidad hispana.

 2 years ago 

👍 😁

i love teaching, and i have university level teaching experience so i pay great thank to steemit team that they give us opportunity to work here as teacher for betterment of the community so it is my application

Please help. It's urgent. Just upvote and resteem as much as possible. It is a matter of my Dad's life. Please help me. Just upvote my post @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

Glad that this keeps growing! :)
Here's my application!

I was wondering that myself. It seems like if you didn’t hop on the train years ago that you have already missed the opportunity for the huge gains. Ive been dabbling in crypto for years but never took the plunge that would have made me a lot of money. Now that I am seeing all my friends get wealth around me, I wonder if it is now too late in 2021. I asked my friend about this and he showed me this program that answered all my questions and more. It comes with a monthly 25+ page cryptocurrency newsletter, monthly video updates of markets and updates, an 18-lesson cryptocurrency beginners course, a 20-lesson trading & technical analysis course, multiple topic-specific special reports, access to members-only private Discord chat groups access to the creator's personal buy/sell movements.

What I have found most useful is the private discord chats and the special reports. Crypto analysis does not work the same way it did 5 years ago, or even a year ago, and I love that this course is updated and relevant specifically for 2021.

I have bought other courses before and none have been this extensive. I expect it to pay for itself. I encourage you to check it out because I think that it will show you that cryptocurrency is alive and well in 2021 and actually there are still many exciting things happening with it.

Que buena propuesta y es interesante estos talleres de criptografía seguimos avanzando en steemit.

Thank you steemit team for the great invitation to recruit new professors.

Here is my humble application : My Application for "Professors Recruitment - The Steemit Crypto Academy"


I really want to participate in the CryptoAcademy, and if you appoint @golden-rain as professor, then the ru-community will have such an opportunity. I have already contacted you with this proposal. @golden-rain has extensive experience in cryptocurrency trading, knows how to write high-quality, understandable articles and can teach a lot. I ask you to consider this worthy candidate for the post of CryptoProfessor. One of the few in our community who really understands many issues related to cryptocurrency.

Thank you sir, this is really great privilege, I want take it for granted

Just got here. Might send my application soon.

Wow wonderful posting for steem.

Nice to see this engagement of the Steemit team.

Saludos, aquí le dejo mi Aplicación

Muchas gracias

Here is my application to become a Crypto Professor Application Link

Thank You...!

Wow! This platform is awesome. An opportunity to become a crypto professor? Real awesome

 2 years ago 

please to see this struggler of the steemit team.

Saludos equipo de SteemitCryptoAcademy, gracias por la oportunidad, aca les dejo mi solicitud desde #Venezuela:

Solicitud para Profesor de SteemitCryptoAcademy / by: @fintemia

Dear @steemitblog,

I want to be a part of this beautiful initiative as a professor. Here's my application:

Thank You.

I would like to thank steemit team for such an amazing opportunity. Here is my application.

I would like to give a suggestion. In my view, @steemcurator01 should also be involved in curating process. Posts of crypto academy having 7.5 or more grade, should be curated by @steemcurator01. While other posts below 7.5 grade should be curated by @steemcurator02. In this way, burden of curation may be divided.


wow ... it's a great opportunity. But it's to early for me.
Anybody want to be my follower? I would be happy to follow back.

Wow, thank you @steemcurator01 and #The-steemit-team as a whole.
Keep up the good work master ❤️

 2 years ago 

Its been a wonderful journey so far and the collective efforts of the steemit professors and the steemit team in imparting knowledge pertaining to the crypto space to steemians is very much appreciated. As much as I'd love to take up the mantle of becoming a crypto professor, I don't feel too eligible now. I've taken up a lot of extra courses over the months and have set a milestone to achieve before considering myself saavy as I seek to offer the best possible to anyone I'd ever mentor or teach. I'm almost at it and I'm sure I'd definitely sign up during the next batch of crypto professors(If there would be).

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