Downtember is leaving.. Uptober is coming..

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Look at the table representing the Bitcoin(BTC) monthly returns. Septembers have been almost bearish markets. This month this year is also not a good market condition.

However, Octobers have been showing bullish markets. Crypto investors say that October is Uptober. I agree. The crypto market has suffered a correction market condition during the last 3 months. It's boring and tiring. I think the the next month would be better.

The Fed decision date of the Federal Funds Rate is coming. 2 days left. 99% market participants anticipate that it will pause. The time is coming for BTC.

Compared to NASDAQ, crypto investors have had a difficult time due to the decoupling from NASDAQ. Well, while 🇺🇸 American stocks have been showing the powerful market conditions, Now, it's time for the baton touch.


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We are the hope!

Everything has it time. Im Hoping to see #BTC come back. Soon as ive been holding for a while now while all I do is building as a #Bitgetbuilder to serve as a bridge between them and new crypto users to get paid for now. When BTC pumps, I will have more profit while I keep building.

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