[CrytoTab] Passive bitcoin mining and earning solution 08.03.21

Hi everyone,

Hi all women, Happy Women’s Day! I hope you have a great day.

Today, after 2 days I want to update my Bitcoin mining with CryptoTab browser for people interested in mining.

Total income:

Increased from 0.0020778 to 0.00021319 BTC. This result is quite impressive as passive income from the network has started to account for nearly 10%, I am trying to raise this level gradually.


No change, still 24 users but in return, there has been quite effective mining users.
The current BTC price is over $ 50,000, I will withdraw to my own wallet in the next update.

If you want to use CryptoTab as your browser and get more BTC - Bitcoin while you work, you can download your browser RIGHT HERE . And of course, you can still earn BTC even if you don't work by referring others to use this browser.

Note: The above link also helps you to mine at 2 times the speed your device can. This is a promotion from the developer.
Simple to download and install, the browser is suitable for almost any device.
Simple to use and faster browsing speed than any browser I have ever seen.

Read more about CryptoTab in my review post if you are interested.

Wish success

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