Automatically digging bitcoins while surfing the web - the device is not affected - NO scam

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Dear All.

This video shares my progress with mining BTC or Bitcoin. Also quite simple, just use the CryptoTab browser to surf the web instead of other browsers, the BTC will automatically be taken.
This browser uses redundant resources to mine BTC so it does not affect your browsing experience. The best part is that we can recommend friends to use the browser for commissions.

Instead of using firefox, chrome or other browsers, simply use Cryptotab and you will have daily BTC!
Link to download browser .
Link receives x2 times the digging speed for newbies .

Today, I want to update a little bit.


  1. Compared to yesterday the number of people I refer increased by 3, which means 19 people.
  2. The total income is nearly 0.0002BTC . Note that I do not rent the cloud to mine and mining BTC from this browser does not affect my device. You can really try it out!

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