[CrytoTab] Passive bitcoin mining and earning solution 06.03.21

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After 3 days, since the previous update post, the results of mining BTC using my CryptoTab browser are as follows:

  • The number of network members increased from 22 to 24 users.
  • BTC raised from 0.0002007 to 0.0020778 . The price of BTC at the moment is more than 48,000 USD.

If you want, you can have daily BTC if you change your browser using CryptoTab.

The extraction speed depends on your device configuration. The great thing is that this browser does not affect the speed of the device. It's even faster than other browsers.
You can earn more as you grow your network by referrals. Commissions are paid up to 10 levels.

Read more about CryptoTab in my review post if you are interested.

What I want to add in this post is:

  • You can manage your account on many devices, because the same account you can mine BTC on many devices you have.
  • Compact, easy to use and synchronizes everything when you want, in control.
  • You can withdraw as soon as you earn 0.00001BTC. You can make a lot and passively as you make an impact by growing your own mining network.

Just click on this link, and you're ready to mine at 2 times the speed your device can. This is a promotion from the developer.

Good luck

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