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In this video I shared a very important tip about how to save time to create better content.

Of course I will not write about that, because I need people to watch it because in 3speak we need views to be a top creator.

The 30 top creators have an opportunity to upvote comments upto $4 once a month to support their audiance and to bring people from outside steem.

My first opportunity I used to reward those who promote the video where Vitalik Buterin mentioned steemit. I asked people to retweet the tweet of @steemit but not mine. I aksed also steemians to prove that they shared the video in other social media and I rewarded them with upvotes. For more details check that here : Get upto $4 upvote for a comment ! that was 10 days ago and I plan to do the same with those upvotes exactly after 22 days if I will stay in the top.

To help me stay in the top, you need just to watch my video.

So, it wasn't that easy to check all thoe commenters and to reward them all, so I spent hours doing that, but it was fun and I hope useful for steem. For more details check this post : $31 of upvotes shared in 2 hours thanks to 3speak ! $12 LEFT !

In the end I've got over 60 comments from the first post and that added Over 33 retweets and 55 likes for steemit !


In case this post will be in the trending page, consider my writing here, not only the video.

I don't think that I need to prove that I'm doing my best to steem, but check here in case.


Also this video will be shared in other social media that are not paying me for that. My goal is to grow in all of them to promote steem there.

Most of those social media care when you record videos there and I'm having in them upto 100 views per video a day.

I'm new now to TikTok and if you want, join me there there because it's the best video social media now in term of traffic and it's even competing with youtube and facebook.

Even being in TikTok only about 3 days, that gave me 500 views

Even @dexpartacus joined me there and I hope he will start soon to record videos there.

Thanks also to @xpilar who is willing to give upvotes to those who will join my movement.

I'll do my best to promote steem in TikTok, I just joined recently and I want to grow my followers there and to not start promoting right after joining. But, I advice you to join the service. Let's promote steem there.


Follow me in other social media and let me know how to find you so, I will follow back as well :

Facebook group , Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok

Check also the traffic I generate in twitter to promote steem there :


Over 45k impressions, that mean those maybe all people who've seen my posts about steem.

I counted today that I'm over 2 years and half activly posting in steem and promoting it all the time. Exactly 2 years 6 months and 8 days. I used this tool to count that.

I spent also more than one hour to create and edit this video. ( Because I'm not a native English speak and I had to record again and again to make it perfect). I spent some time to find good free intro sound to add it to the video. I've spent about half hour writing and editing this post. I spent about 15 minutes to edit the thumbnail.

Thanks for watching and reading !

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Ya. Very good idea. Thanks for your nice tips.
Ya. We should shut phone, Pc etc and alone just thinking about content. That should be the key to utilize our time. Nice idea. Thanks agian.

You're welcome. Glad to be useful.

@tipu Curate

Well done!!! Keep on Steemin! :)

!tip .20

Thanks a lot. I really appriciate that.

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Hi @clixmoney! Just shared link at tata app
Also other conditions are met!

and screenshot of retweet
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Thanks a lot. After 22 days, don't forget to remind me if you can. I will always to that to promote steem. That's now my mission.

Ok I'll try keep it in my mind 👍😉

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It's been difficult for me because I haven't really had time to interact and hit amazing contents but I'm doing my best. I've been hearing about tik tok and just haven't checked it out, you're really going the extra mile thanks a whole lot