How to create content everyday !

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I shared in the video very interesting methode to create content everyday.

Maybe some of you are struggelling, so I hope that will solve your little problem.

Find out in the video.

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You gotta have skill to post something of value everyday xD xD xD

Thanks. I'm doing my best. When someone is consuming the right content, he/she will always have something of value to share. I avoid ads and hot girls. lol

Nope I would agree bout the ads and hot girls... It's not what steem is built for...

Keep up the great work and great content

That's right! Thank you for video!

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You're welcome.

@clixmoney, Yes, when we consume more content, then we can create more content. But most importantly we should have the intention to create at first place otherwise it's difficult to create.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Thanks a lot. I have always that intention. I enjoy doing so. ☺

Welcome and good to know that. Enjoy your time ahead brother. 🙂

Agree that consuming more content help us to create more content because in my case I learn a lot from videos that I watch. I try to watch many videos everyday and enjoy it. Thanks for the nice video

Of course. And we have also to consume the right content. In TikTok for example, when you click and hold in a video that you don't like, you can choose ''not interested'' and they will not show you that type of videos anymore. When you watch or like for example motivation or marketing longer, they will show you only that kind of content.

I just resteemed your post for ive been wanting to write quality articles everyday. And i'll be able to contribute to everyone. There are a lot of themes that's why it's not difficult to write and have ideas on a daily basis as well. It's fun and for writers like me it's going to be not a difficult work I can say. So let's work and develop a particular subject into a one of a kind article guys.

Thanks. But, that was not about writing, but about video creation. I hope you will watch the video to understand what I talked about.

Congratulations @clixmoney!
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@arcange tell me please, this comment you write, is automatic or you write it manually ? I think it maybe a reason why I was downvoted. Please don't include me in those hit parades if that possible. I worked hard to promote steem and to get where I am. Not to be downvoted for a reason I don't even know. I don't care if I ranked 3 or else. I care about creating content and live in peace !

Hello @clixmoney,

The notifications sent to users appearing in the hit-parade are indeed automated.

I think it maybe a reason why I was downvoted.

I do not think so. I made a deep analysis of your received downvote pattern.
You got 81 downvotes for the last 4 months (which is not that much) and most of them came from "powerless" users
The only post with a consequent downvotes and being mentioned in the hit-parade is this one.
Therefore, I really do not believe both are related.

I can remove you from the list but you may lose some visibility as I know people use it to find good content to curate.
Please confirm if you still want to be excluded from future lists.

It's ok. After thinking a lot I understand that wasn't the reason I was flagged, that guy flagged me again and he seems just don't want me in the trending page. I changed a lot of things with my upvoting, and a lot of things but nothings works. When I apear in the trending page he always flag me. So, he just don't want me there because of no reason. Leave me in the list. I will not give up. I will keep posting quality and valuable content and I will not care about downvotes. Thanks for understanding.

Very interesting that you shared this with us and probably the more we learn and see that is how we can evaluate and come up with lots of ideas for creating a good amount of content.

Thanks for sharing sir.

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You're very welcome. I'm glad to be useful. ☺

Step 1 : Don't.

Don't what ? Explain please !

Hi @clixmoney

I will also do my best to record 1 minute videos to make more steemians watch them.

I think that with a 1 minute video is a little too short and that it needs more content. You're good at other videos you make.
And I think the rewards you got for that video are very high.
So this is probably a combination of that.

The reward they didn't give for other big videos, they give it for that one. There are videos I spend hours to create and get for them like about $4 and less. It's not fair to downvote a content, just because it's short. But, if you agree with the downvote and the community as well, so it's an isssue. The most important is the value, that video generated me 174 views in tiktok just in 24 hours and I plan to bring huge content to steem... .

Also I spend hours consuming content to understand what kind of video should I record there to have as much views as I can.

Hi @clixmoney

I do not agree with all the flags as it is now, I was just trying to explain to you. I know you put a lot of effort into making your videos and I appreciate it. I understand your frustration

Please also check this post from @threespeak and what they gonna reward from now : Future of 3Speak's Upvoting Habits!. They decided to reward not long videos, but engaging content that bring visibility to steem. So, I'm doing my best to bring visibility instead of only writing quality posts to get rewards !

yes, it is probably right when it can create good content in a short time

I updated the post to show all the hard work I've done and still doing like crazy about steem. I even participated in #spud8 run by @streetstyle !

I also added how hard it work to became a top creator in 3speak, but I did it anyway even not being famous in other social media. Because I worked really hard and sometimes I was recording till 4 - 5 videos a day. I uploaded in 4 months over 220 videos and generated to the platform over 6200 views. Most of my videos are watched from outside steem, because steemians don't usually watch a lot of videos. Some of them even comment depending on the title. I even experemented on that and was asking people to prove me if they watched because 3speak upvote comments and once a month the top creators could give upto $4 per comment.

You can check here, how many upvotes I distributed from @threespeak account : Get upto $4 upvote for a comment ! it was about $46 of upvotes distributed. I spent hours reading, replying and upvoting all those comments. over 60 comments !

An other reason why I think 3speak supported me, is that they want to help me to find people who will join TikTok to promote steem. Just like you proposed your help and to do that I needed some promotion and the only way is to be in trending page, I hope that will help. I have already one guy from steem followed me there. I'm convensing him to start making videos.